‘Can’t Bless Sin’: Vatican Launches Unprovoked Assault on Identical-Intercourse Marriages

Explain that the vatican “Can’t bless sin,” the Roman Catholic Church launched an unprovoked attack on same-sex marriages and LGBTQ people in general on Monday, delivering a very public response to a question that no one but the Vatican had asked.

“Does the Church have the power to bless unions of people of the same sex?” asked the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, as reported by the Catholic News Agency.

“Negative” was the response of the Congregation, also known as the “Holy Office” of the Vatican.

What followed was a nearly 1,000-word statement for a question that no LGBTQ or other civil rights group had asked.

It contains the assertion: “God loves everyone and the Church does the same” and rejects all unjust discrimination.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, also known as the “Holy Office”, is one of the oldest communities and was founded to protect the Church from “heresy”. It is noteworthy that this is the ship the Vatican has chosen to enact a doctrine of same-sex marriage.

Late last year, Pope Frances hit the headlines when he insisted that governments “legally” protect same-sex couples through civil unions. The Vatican quickly fell back on that statement, insisting that LGBTQ people who have a “right to a family” only mean acceptance by their own families – no right to raise families and no right to marriage.

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