Mississippi Governor Secretly Indicators Accomplice Heritage Month Proclamation

Mississippi Republicans Governor Tate Reeves signed an April Confederate Heritage Month statement.

The new document, which Reeves appears to have signed on April 7, 2021, appears on the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ Camp 265 Rankin Rough & Ready Facebook page. Reeves is from Rankin County, ”says Donna Ladd of the Mississippi Free Press. “At the time of going to press, the proclamation has not yet appeared on the Foreign Minister’s official proclamation page.”

It still doesn’t.

But here it is, from the aforementioned Facebook page (screenshot below.)

“Bloody hell!” The contribution is. “It’s official – April is the month of Confederate heritage and history of our state of Mississippi and we are proud to watch it!”

Ladd explains why Reeves’ proclamation is extremely problematic.

“Reeves,” she writes, “takes an” all-side-issue “approach – drawing on the” reconciliation “approach of the Confederate veterans and the Confederate daughters, under the leadership of the former Confederate officer and first President of Mississippi State University, Stephen D. Lee of Mississippi, after the end of the reconstruction, the Confederate revisionists pushed for a strategy that resulted in a mythology of the lost cause through schoolbook censorship and public marketing, including the diffusion of Confederate statues and statues Monuments in the south. “

This “salvation” ideology – which actually advocated maintaining white supremacy and rejecting newly found rights for black Americans – taught that the North is as responsible as the South, if not more, for what some Southerners always do nor call the “war” of northern aggression. “” April is the month in which the American Civil War began between the Confederate and Union armies in 1861, reputedly the most expensive and deadliest war ever waged on American soil … “begins his proclamation.

Please read my story. #ConfederateHeritageMonth once again in Mississippi. https://t.co/PQ3XVegNmv

– Donna Ladd (@DonnerKay) April 13, 2021

The Mississippi Postal Governor secretly signs the Proclamation of the Month of Confederate Heritage and first appeared in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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