Calls Mount for January 6 Fee After GOP’s Kinzinger Reveals McCarthy Ignored His Warning of Probably Violence

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) announced Monday that it had warned Kevin McCarthy, House GOP Minority Chairman that the words and actions of the Republican Party and its leaders would lead to violence on January 6th.

“A few days before January 6th, our GOP members had a conference call,” tweeted Kinzinger. “I told Kevin that his words and our party’s actions on January 6th would lead to violence. Kevin replied dismissively with “ok Adam, operator next question.” And we have violence. “

Given the scale of violence, death and destruction the nation witnessed that day, this is a monumental revelation when Trump supporters literally chased the Vice President and Speaker of the House in a coup attempt instigated by the then President of the United States. Hundreds have been arrested and charged, according to the DOJ, with more to follow.

House Republicans have so far managed to block a much-discussed 9/11-style commission to determine the full scope of illegal and treasonous actions that led to the January 6 insurrection.

But Kinzinger’s announcement today renewed the call for a commission by Jan. 6, targeting McCarthy with calls to step down.

It seems that the commission can still happen now:

New: House Inspectorate Carolyn Maloney announced that she will hold a hearing this Wednesday to investigate unanswered questions about the Capitol attack and the need for a commission on the January 6 riot.

– Hugo Lowell (@hugolowell) May 10, 2021

> @PunchbowlNews this AM

Until Memorial Day, @JoeBiden and the Mountain Guides will strive to address infrastructure, taxes, police reform, weapons, Jan 6th Commission, Capitol security, electoral reform, and China

House Rs have al eadership struggle. Biden could take action against Iran

– Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) May 10, 2021

So many react to Congressman Kinzinger’s revelation:

Kevin McCarthy is as responsible for what happened on January 6 as Trump is. Time to hold him accountable for the lies, insurrection, and death of that day … and for his continued lies. Bring the January 6th commission. # NeverForgetJanuary6th #RIPBrianSicknick

– Bruno 🇺🇸 4 Congress CA23 against Kevin McCarthy (@ BrunoAmato_1) May 10, 2021

It’s not that certain elected Republicans didn’t know there was an armed uprising, they don’t care,

– Citizens for Ethics (@CREWcrew) May 10, 2021

Republicans knew before the January 6 attack that their lies about the elections increased the threat of violence. That was the point.

– Mark Jacob (@ MarkJacob16) May 10, 2021

I call for a # Jan6Commission

– Pronounced (@ Out5p0ken) May 10, 2021

Congressman Kevin McCarthy is unable to lead or God forbids millions to speak. He not only ignored the threat of violence on January 6th, but encouraged it. And worse, now McCarthy wants to downplay it and even pretend it isn’t a big deal.

The GOP is a cult.

– Russell Drew (@RussOnPolitics) May 10, 2021

@SpeakerPelosi @RepMaloney @GaryPeters Where is the January 6th commission? We have to expose these lies to the sunlight, Son of man cannot hide in the shadows behind them!

– Bryan Bourque (@ bryanbourque74) May 10, 2021

Time to get the commission up and running on Jan 6th.

– Tim Hogan (@timjhogan) May 10, 2021

The call for a commission on January 6th is clearly as bipartisan as it gets.

– Alternative fax (@daveblend) May 10, 2021

Why don’t we have a 1/6
Commission yet? Why do we fail so miserably in blaming our government officials for their attempts to destroy our democracy and steal elections? Why?

– Anti / Social / Media (@ Terrista2) May 10, 2021

No wonder @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy doesn’t want a commission for Jan 6th.

– Freedom & Whiskey 🇮🇪🇺🇸🥃 (@TheBlueApe) May 10, 2021

In relation to the endangerment, you would say: What is “breach of duty”?

– Logan Mitchell PhD (@loganemitchell) May 10, 2021

MCCarthy needs to go to

– Eddie Hamilton (@eddiepgl) May 10, 2021

Where is our January 6th Insurrection Commission? Surely it is worth investigating?

– Blaine Collison (@blainecollison) May 10, 2021

@GOPLeader is complicit.

– Gators’n’Raiders (@gators_n) May 10, 2021

“I think there are two people Putin pays, Rohrabacher and Trump, swear to God” – Kevin Mccarthy

– “Trump cheated and still lost” (@ EricSpahn2) May 10, 2021

Welp – there it is. A smoking gun.

– Michael Bee (@mountain_rider_) May 10, 2021

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