Calls Develop for Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer to Be Stripped of Medals After Teammates ID Him Amongst MAGA Insurgents

“You will be charged and you will be found”

District of Columbia attorney Michael Sherwin says hundreds of people involved in last week’s uprising instigated by President Donald Trump will bring a “mind-boggling” range of federal crime charges.

Sherwin, a former US Navy intelligence officer, told reporters (video below) on Tuesday, “We are viewing significant riot and conspiracy-related crimes,” calling it a “major counter-terrorism or counter-espionage investigation.”

SHERWIN describes the “staggering” range of crime. The fee ranges include:

-Easy entry
– Theft of mail
-The theft of digital devices
– Attack on local / fed officers
– Theft of potential national security information
-Felony murder

– Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) January 12, 2021

Addressing concerns expressed by many that current charges against the more than 100 people recently arrested in light of the attempted coup (he called the attack not a coup), he promised more charges were on the way.

But he admitted that his office organized “a strike force of senior national security and corruption prosecutors” just yesterday, despite the attack on the nation’s Capitol six days ago.

“Your only marching order from me is to bring seditious and conspiratorial charges related to the most heinous acts in the Capitol, and these are major charges that result in crimes involving up to 20 years in prison,” Sherwin said.

The FBI / DOJ press conference makes it pretty clear that the Capitol’s dragnet is going to be massive – it spans the country, lasts for months, and is charged against hundreds or even thousands.

The 160 open cases are expanded “geometrically” – US attorney Michael Sherwin.

– Greg Miller (@gregpmiller) January 12, 2021

“In addition, we seek and prioritize cases involving weapons and cases involving destructive devices, as people know from news reports. Pipe bombs were found outside the Capitol, which the ATF is working on that, the Metro police are working on, the FBI is working to find the person or people who planted these devices. “

“We’re going to focus on the main charges as a deterrent because whether it was just a capital infraction or someone planted a pipe bomb, you will be charged and found.”


BREAKING: The DOJ says, “We are investigating significant cases of riot and conspiracy crime.”

“You will be charged and found,” says acting US attorney in DC, Michael Sherwin.

– MSNBC (@MSNBC) Jan 12, 2021

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