Critics Slam Collins Over Announcement She Will Vote Towards Tanden for ‘Temperament’

“Sound monitoring”

US Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) On Monday morning, she announced that she would be voting against President Joe Biden’s decision to head the powerful and vital Bureau of Administration and Household (OMB), claiming she was uncomfortable Neera teeth‘s “temperament”.

Collins also claimed Tanden didn’t have enough experience for the job, CNN reported.

Tanden has been president of the Center for American Progress for nearly a decade and served as senior advisor to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in the Obama administration. She was also the assistant director of domestic affairs for the Clinton White House.

The Atlantic also reported in 2016, “Tanden was a key architect of the Affordable Care Act after serving as the top policy advisor on Clinton’s 2008 deal.” But it was her work that drafted a public option for ObamaCare that was later thrown and that is possibly the most threatening aspect of Tanden, not her “mean tweets.”

In fact, Collins and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin cited Tanden’s active and controversial Twitter account as one of the main reasons they’ll be voting against her.

“Neera Tanden has neither the experience nor the temperament to run this critical agency,” Collins said in a statement on Monday. “Your previous actions have shown exactly the kind of hostility that President Biden is committed to overcoming.”

In a token of goodwill and a strong signal that she is very willing to work with Republicans, Tanden apologized several times for her tweets during her Senate Budgets Committee confirmation hearing. She also deleted over a thousand of them.

Using this act of repentance as a weapon against Tanden, Collins said it “raises concerns about their commitment to transparency”.

Some of the tweets Tanden deleted?

These about Senator Collins:

. @neeratanden appears to have deleted her tweets about Susan Collins, which she will likely need to vote for for approval.
h / t @varadmehta

– KC Johnson (@ kcjohnson9) November 30, 2020

But Tanden hasn’t deleted all of her tweets about Collins. This is still going on:

She is the worst

– Neera Tanden (@neeratanden), September 26, 2018

Many are angry at what they see as Collins’ hypocrisy.

Susan Collins’ statement about Neera Tanden is more than absurd. For four years, Collins barely looked at the hateful, egregious and violent statements made by Trump and his supporters. The idea that she would position herself as the moral arbiter on tweets is absurd.

– Charlotte Clymer @ (@cmclymer) February 22, 2021

Susan Collins voted to endorse Kavanaugh, who went red-faced on camera as he yelled for revenge on the land and who erased a six-figure debt on a fixed salary, an act of financial magic that remains unsolved to this day.

– Max Kennerly (@MaxKennerly) February 22, 2021

@ SenatorCollins testimony about a number of things she had completely ignored for the past 4 years that for some unspoken reason suddenly matters again. #mepolitics

– A republic if you can keep it (@ GlennMorin10) February 22, 2021

Susan Collins on Donald Trump withholding Congress-approved military aid from a beleaguered ally in order to blackmail her leader and meddle in an election: “I think he learned from it.”

Susan Collins about Neera Tanden: “She doesn’t have the temperament to lead.”

– Morten Øverbye (@morten) February 22, 2021

So, @SenatorCollins suddenly has concerns about someone’s Tweets?

– Dr. Jason Cottrell (@DrJCottrell) February 22, 2021

So, according to Susan Collins, it’s okay to be a Supreme Court judge who sexually assaulted and covered up someone.

But if you swear in a tweet, that’s just too much … hypocrit.

– Liam Kent @ (@l___kent) February 22, 2021

Susan Collins, longtime supporter of noted polite men Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump and Paul LePage, is once again deeply concerned about the courtesy.

– Maeve Coyle (@maevemcoyle) February 22, 2021

“He’s a decent person with a strong commitment to the rule of law. He is a leader of integrity. I think the attacks against him are unfair and unfair. “Susan Collins at the Jeff Sessions AG nomination hearing

– EPISODE 46: A NEW HOPE (@GScotttaylorva) February 22, 2021

Susan Collins, who didn’t bother reading T *** ps tweets and excused T *** p by saying he “learned his lesson,” suddenly reads someone’s tweets and doesn’t believe that someone cannot learn a lesson. I wonder why the change

– Look here, Jack (@realworldrj) February 22, 2021

Susan Collins = still sanctimonious garbage. I don’t care about Tanden, it’s just the bile of it. Sound Police when they refused to do anything about the utter incompetence of the former president.

– Graylola (@graylola) February 22, 2021

Hey @SenatorCollins remind us why you think Mick Mulvaney was OMB qualified and Neera Tanden wasn’t?

Remind us why you voted to approve an obviously unqualified DNI Ratcliffe?

– Ben_Franklin speaks about the ventriloquist (@ _Ben_Franklin1) on February 22, 2021

It infuriates Republicans to talk about temperament. Senator Susan Collins wasn’t one of Donald Trump’s top supporters, but she supported much of his political positions.

And Brett Kavanaugh had the temperament to serve at court?

Neera Tanden should be confirmed.

– Russell Drew (@RussOnPolitics) February 22, 2021

PICTURED: Susan Collins with Brett Kavanaugh, whom she voted for a lifetime appointment, kent at the US Supreme Court

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