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US Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas has been harshly criticized and ridiculed after attacking a growing number of large corporations who publicly oppose laws to suppress voters like Georgia, calling their statements and actions “fascism”.

Republicans are increasingly throwing terms like “socialism,” “communism,” “culture breakup” and “fascism” around without using them properly or even, as some on social media accused Crenshaw, of not even knowing what they actually mean. defines fascism as “a system of government led by a dictator in complete power, who forcibly suppresses opposition and criticism, rules all industry, trade, etc., and emphasizes aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

Elements of it sound a lot more like former President Donald Trump than like companies speaking out against anti-democratic laws.

On Wednesday night’s Fox News, Crenshaw claimed these companies were “venturing into areas they don’t understand, areas they don’t know they don’t know.”

These companies, from Major League Baseball to Delta to Coca Cola and more, denounce voter suppression and have very large legal teams to help them understand these laws.

“In an attempt to what – that’s what I call the phenomenon that’s going on, it’s progressive fascism, because what is fascism?” Asks Crenshaw. “Well, it’s regulating the economy, society, and the forced suppression of your opposition. This is exactly what is happening right now. The Democrats have successfully put institutions, pop culture, Hollywood, our educational institutions, and now our companies, on their own agendas, ”Crenshaw accuses.

“That’s fascism, right, and they use the culture of demolition as a tool to impose their fascism on us, and that’s why they always use this in these anti-these-anti-fascist anti-right labeling, but they are the ones who do it actually take part in the tactic and it’s time we uncover that. This is exactly what is happening here and we should see it for what it is. “

GOP MP Dan Crenshaw compares companies that criticize Republican electoral restrictions to “fascism”.

– TPM Livewire (@TPMLiveWire) April 8, 2021

Many disagree with Crenshaw’s claims, mocking his lack of understanding and ignorance about society and the right – and duty – that these companies have to criticize unjust laws.

To Crenshaw and his husband, everything is fascism – except for actual fascism, with which they sit in common.

– Adam Henry Carrière (@CarriereHenry) April 8, 2021

Dan Crenshaw thinks Cancel Cultural is fascism.

– Jake A Snider, Esq. ??? (@ JakeASnider1) April 8, 2021

Dan Crenshaw uses the term “fascism” like others in his party “socialism” and “communism”. None of them have any idea what these terms actually mean.

They are just angry that the world has evolved past them, leaving them in their great swamp.

– Bryan? (@ swimmerbr78) April 8, 2021

Does Dan Crenshaw know what fascism is?

– The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) April 8, 2021

“My name is Dan Crenshaw and I don’t know what the word ‘fascism’ means.”

– Max Burbank (@max_burbank) April 8, 2021

Fascism doesn’t mean what Dan Crenshaw thinks it means. He may want to look up the definition of terms before using them. Fascism is much more like the agenda as manifested by its predecessor and Crenshaw himself.

– M’Lynn Hartwell ????? (@mlynn_hartwell) April 8, 2021

This is nothing.

– David Corn (@DavidCornDC) April 8, 2021

Dan Crenshaw failed to pass a 4th grade history class. He believes his catchphrases have woken up, canceled and fascism is making his sound cool in his sound bits for FOX News. It shows his ignorance. He’s a disappointment, his state and family are so ashamed. The great state of Texas deserves better.

– Danielle Candela (@DanielleCandela) April 8, 2021

@DanCrenshawTX either doesn’t know what the word fascism means, or rather, FoxNews viewers don’t know the definition of fascism. It’s just a catchphrase that is reminiscent of a boogeyman.

Crenshaw also yells “Break Culture” while Trump calls for boycotts of US companies.

– Just the Truth (@TantumVero) April 8, 2021

Fascism is a far-right form of government in which most of the country’s power is wielded by a ruler and nationalism is encouraged at all costs.

Who in recent history does this remind you of and how many times has Crenshaw endorsed this guy? ?

– Alexander Marks (@AlexMarksNV) April 8, 2021


Fuck you Dan Crenshaw. Fascism restricts the voice of body politics.

Instead of suppressing the vote … why not earn? If your policy is costing you votes, maybe you should review your policy.

– Legbreaker (@ Legbreaker4) April 8, 2021

That is, a political philosophy that elevates the nation and often stands above the individual. An authoritarian and nationalist right-wing system of government.

Poor MP Crenshaw seems confused. He believes the “democrats” behave like facists.

Bless his heart! #Trump

– Karen Farber (@Farbeka) April 8, 2021

Republicans pass a law. Private companies don’t like the law and speak out against it. Republicans call “fascism”.

– Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) April 8, 2021

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