Biden Nominates Kathleen Hicks to Turn out to be First Feminine Deputy Protection Secretary

President-elect Joe Biden continued his trend of filling his administration with trusted allies, this time calling for former Obama administration officials Dr. Kathleen Hicks and Dr. Colin Kahl to serve in top civilian positions in the Department of Defense. Biden made the announcement on Wednesday.

Together, Hicks and Kahl share decades of experience in the Pentagon. Her nominations come at a time when tensions between the outgoing Trump administration and the new Biden transition team have reached an all-time high.

“These respected, accomplished civilian leaders will help lead the Department of Defense with integrity and determination, protecting the lives and interests of the American people, and ensuring that we fulfill our most sacred obligation: equipping and protecting those who serve our country , and to care for them and their families during and after their ministry, ”Biden said.

He added, “Dr. Kath Hicks and Dr. Colin Kahl have the extensive experience and tough judgment required to tackle the litany of challenges we face today and all of those we may face tomorrow. You will serve as trusted partners to me, Vice President-Elect and Secretary-Designate Austin, and our dedicated civil and military teams as we work to restore good American leadership to the world stage. “

Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris said: “As we work to contain this pandemic and reopen our economy, we must meet our responsibility for the safety of the American people. Dr. Kathleen Hicks and Dr. Colin Kahl are dedicated officials who will have strong civilian voices in the Department of Defense and have the knowledge and experience to take the first step on day one. “

She added, “I look forward to working with you and Secretary-Designate Austin to support our service members and their families, rebuild our global alliances and partnerships, and ensure the United States stands ready to face new threats and challenges to encounter.”

Secretary-designate Lloyd Austin said: “Dr. Kathleen Hicks and Dr. Colin Kahl are civil servants at heart – and they have spent their careers promoting the security of our nation. You share my firm belief that we need qualified civilian voices to serve with military leaders in the Department of Defense to ensure we are always accountable to the American people. “

Austin added, “If this is confirmed, I look forward to working with them to manage the crises we are facing in the present moment and prepare for the challenges of the future.”

If this were confirmed, Hicks would become the first assistant secretary of defense.

President-elect Biden has appointed @kath_hicks as Assistant Secretary of Defense and @ColinKahl as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy.

They know the Pentagon inside and out and will be working with designated secretary @LloydAustin to keep us safe.https: //

– Biden-Harris Presidential Transition (@ Transition46) December 30, 2020

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