Biden names civil rights veteran to U.S. Training Dept.

Caitlyn Jenner was quickly turned down by LGBTQ advocates after she ran for California’s recall election as a gubernatorial candidate – and her transgender Republicans disagree on whether to support her or not.

Transgender Republicans are few in number, but some are in high-profile positions and have worked with their party to change their approach and end their attacks on transgender people, whether in the military, in public bathrooms or in school sports.

Jordan Evans, a Charlton, Massachusetts-based transgender Republican who ran unsuccessfully to be the wife of the Massachusetts Republican Committee last year, told the Washington Blade that she had high hopes for Jenner as a transgender contender, but they were quick to campaign disappointed has been launched.

“My feelings quickly changed after Caitlyn made it clear that she was less interested in using this opportunity to provide the Republican Party and Conservative movements with an accessible, high-profile introduction to the trans community, and simply a trans – Wanted to be a woman who advocated the trans community The same destructive approaches we happen to see across the country, ”said Evans.

Evans said the high hopes she had were based on the transgender advocacy Jenner did behind the scenes and the potential for two prominent LGBTQ Republicans to run for governor in California. After all, Jenner could soon be inducted into the race by Richard Grenell, U.S. ambassador to Germany and acting director of national intelligence, before becoming the face of LGBTQ outreach for Trump’s failed re-election.

But Jenner’s approach to the California gubernatorial recall, Evans said, “puts trans youth at risk for a campaign that isn’t even transformative for Republicans at this volatile time.”

“Even her breaking news is shallow and does nothing to dispel claims that she is not qualified,” Evans said. “The only positive thing I’ve seen from this is the mainstream conservative media using their correct pronouns, but that’s not worth the damage it does.”

Much of the disappointment with Jenner’s campaign is a result of the fact that she essentially dumped transgender children under the bus as part of her campaign, at a time when state law is driving legislation against them, including bills, that would essentially discourage transgender girls from participating in school sports.

Refusing to roll back those measures and claim that transgender children have a place in sport, Jenner essentially approved of the bills soon after announcing her candidacy.

“If you were born a biological boy, you shouldn’t be allowed to participate in girls’ sports,” Jenner told TMZ, who asked her about the hot button problem during a coffee run Sunday morning.

Jenner has digged deeper into the MAGA world at the expense of solidarity with the transgender community. Last week Jenner retweeted Jenna Ellis, who comes from a notorious anti-LGBTQ background and was criticized just last year for refusing to use the personal pronouns of Rachel Levine, who is now Assistant Secretary of Health and the first openly transgender presidential candidate that has received confirmation from the Senate.

Jennifer Williams, a New Jersey-based transgender Republican who ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the New Jersey General Assembly last year, said via email that Jenner has “done a lot of good for several years by serving millions of people on the.” educated the world about transgender people “I’m not going to take into account the candidate’s remarks about transgender children in sport.

“Regarding her current candidacy for governor of California, her recent comments about transgender youth who play sports are confusing,” said Williams. “Just last year she said she supported transgender female athletes. Caitlyn should consult with tennis star Billie Jean King, soccer star Megan Rapinoe or WNBA legend Candace Parker about transgender athletes in women’s sports because they are very knowledgeable about this matter. “

At a time when state legislation is enforcing laws against transgender youth and restricting their access to exercise and care related to the transition, Jenner’s refusal to oppose these measures has become a key issue for LGBTQ rejection of her candidacy. Became advocacy groups who say she is “out of touch” (although no one endorsed her before she made these comments).

The LGBTQ Victory Fund, which supports political candidates and LGBTQ officials, has signaled that it wants nothing to do with Jenner.

Sean Meloy, vice president of political programs for the LGBTQ Victory Fund, said Jenner had not applied for confirmation from the Victory Fund, “and she shouldn’t care.”

“Their opposition to full trans inclusion – especially for trans children in sports – makes them ineligible for endorsement,” Meloy said. “There are many great trans candidates in this cycle who advocate equality.”

Of course, Jenner took advantage of her celebrity status as a former reality TV star and Olympic gold medalist on behalf of transgender lobbyists, pushed for donations to groups like the National Center for Transgender Equality, and went to Capitol Hill to solicit Republicans on transgender issues. Jenner has also given money for transgender children to attend college and gave a check for $ 20,000 to transgender lawyer Blossom Brown on “The Ellen Show” in 2015.

Blaire White, a transgender conservative and YouTube personality, drew on these examples from Jenner helping transgender youth in a video earlier this month and said the two had had dinner together but were not ready to make a recommendation.

“I will say that I cannot say for sure if I would vote for her until she sets out all of her political positions and until she reports more in long form about what she wants to do for the state of California would not vote for her,” concluded White on the video. “What I can say is: I’m interested. And, under Gavin Newson’s direction, I would literally vote for a triple amputee frog over Gavin Newsom, so she’s got that to herself. “

Jenner’s campaign could not be reached for comment on this article about the rejection of her campaign from LGBTQ stakeholders.

Gina Roberts, the first transgender Republican to be elected to public office in California and a member of the San Diego GOP Central Committee, said she was neutral for the time being as the elected leader of the Republican Party, but still had good things about Jenner’s candidacy say.

“I think it’s great,” said Roberts. “It’s an indication of how cool the Republican Party is in California because nobody really cares or it makes a difference. I mean, I was the first GOP transgender elected in California and I think we’re ready for # 2. “

When asked if Jenner’s comments about allowing transgender children in sports were troubling, Roberts said it wasn’t because she had reservations of her own.

“I pretty much agree because … there are so many nuances in it,” said Roberts. “When someone changes after puberty, there is a big difference, especially in high school. If they switch before then, that’s not a big deal. “

Roberts is a gun enthusiast and supporter of gun owners’ rights. She said she competes in female shooting competitions, but there is a difference because she “has no real advantages that all these young little ladies can pull and shoot faster than me much faster than me. “

Roberts concluded that she will personally make a decision about who to support in the California recall election after Grenell announces whether or not he will be in the race, but can’t comment until the GOP Central Committee from San Diego issues a confirmation.

“He’s a good friend of mine too,” said Roberts. “I know both. I think they’d both be better than Gavin Newsom for sure. I have to stay neutral until the county party decides who to support. I will support someone or others in the endorsement process, but I cannot make it public. “

Though LGBTQ groups want nothing to do with her campaign, Jenner’s approach has caught the attention of prominent conservatives who take her seriously as a candidate. One of Jenner’s first interviews was Fox News’ Sean Hannity, a Trump ally with considerable influence among his viewers. Hannity was able to find common ground with Jenner, including agreeing that California forest fires are a forest management issue as opposed to climate change.

Kayleigh McEnany, who served as White House spokeswoman for Trump’s last year and defended his efforts in the media to question his 2020 election loss in court, signaled her openness to Jenner’s candidacy after the Hannity interview.

“I really enjoyed seeing @ Caitlyn_Jenner’s interview with @seanhannity,” McEnany tweeted. “I found Caitlyn to be knowledgeable, sincere, and laser focused on undoing the socialist, radical, a-science policies of Biden and the left. Very good.”

In theory, that support, combined with Jenner’s visibility, could be enough to lead Jenner to victory. In the recall election, California will answer two questions about whether California Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled and, if so, which candidate should replace him. The candidate with the majority of the votes, even if less than a majority, would win the election and become the next governor. There is no runoff election if no candidate fails to achieve a majority.

With Jenner’s fame as a celebrity, that feat could be within her reach. After all, Arnold Schwarzenegger won the 2004 California Republican recall election due to his celebrity status and eventually became a popular governor.

But the modest strides Jenner has made in conservative acceptance and the potential to win is not enough for other transgender Republicans.

Evans, for example, said Jenner’s candidacy was not only a disappointment, but also threatened the potential candidacies of transgender hopefuls in the future.

“It is difficult to be in electoral politics, and it is even more so when you are a member of a marginalized community,” said Evans. “Caitlyn’s behavior makes it even more difficult for the trans community to be visible in an area where we desperately need to be seen. It casts a huge shadow over our ability to have a voice and gives credibility to lawmakers and local leaders who are simply unwilling to look at us with decency and respect. “

Williams said Jenner should avoid talking about transgender issues during her run of governance “and instead focus on the tough, critical political issues California is facing.”

“It is a state in crisis and it has to campaign very seriously and not rely on celebrity or LGBTQ status to win the hearts and minds of voters – just like all other LGBTQ candidates across the country when they apply for public office, “said Williams.

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