Betsy DeVos Quits Over Trump’s ‘Rhetoric’ 13 Days Earlier than President’s Time period Ends (Up to date)

Cleta Mitchell, a Conservative lawyer and activist who assisted President Donald Trump on a call to the Georgian Foreign Secretary trying to dismiss the election results, has resigned from Foley & Lardner, the prestigious White Shoe law firm. She was a partner.

In a letter to clients, Mitchell claimed there had been “a massive print campaign in the past few days by left groups through social media and other means against me, my law firm, and clients of the law firm because of my personal commitment President Trump, his campaign and the White House, ”reports the Washington Examiner.

Mitchell has a long history of working against LGBTQ people, Democrats, and making false claims of electoral fraud, which are often attempts to disenfranchise minority groups. Ironically, Mitchell appeared at the White House with President Trump (photo) last August to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote – something that blocks their activism.

She chairs the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), which, according to Reuters, was part of a group that was “determined to try to roll back what she called a“ very well-planned attack ”by Democrats and progressives designed to manipulate the system to change the rules for counting ballots after election day, “which is wrong.

Foley & Lardner, ranked 59th among US law firms, distanced themselves from Mitchell after it was revealed that she was involved in Trump’s possibly illegal phone call.

“We are aware of Ms. Mitchell’s participation in the January 2nd conference call and are concerned about it and are working to better understand her participation,” the company said in a statement Monday.

On Tuesday she disappeared from Foley & Lardner, who even removed her biography from their online directory.

This is breaking news and a developing story. Details can change.

Image: Official White House photo of Tia Dufour via Flickr

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