Andrew Yang Tried to Get an LGBTQ Group’s Endorsement So He Talked About Desirous to Go to a Lesbian Bar: NYT

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yangwho was a surprising success but has received criticism of “tone” and continues to do so, is running for New York City’s next mayor. He is currently the front runner in the very early race, but again, the New York Times reports, his inability to build support among minority groups hurts him.

Yang spoke to New York City’s Stonewall Democratic Club, a leading LGBTQ organization, on Wednesday.

“It didn’t go very well,” reports the Times.

Yang’s approach and the way he treated LGBTQ people was viewed as “out of date” according to Rose Christ, president of Stonewall.

“Yang cited gay staff as obvious evidence of his openness to the club’s concerns and was excited about the prospect of visiting Cubbyhole, a famous New York lesbian bar,” said the attendees.

“He spoke proactively about reviving the city’s pride march, but didn’t pay enough attention to more substantive issues that they actually worried about, including homelessness and affordable housing.”

“When I see a candidate coming in with just a degree of shock and insensitivity from Michael Scott, it either tells me Andrew Yang is over his head or is not listening to his staff,” said Alejandra Caraballo, a member of the organization Character that Steve Carell played in “The Office”. “Those are both radioactive flashes that say he’s not ready to be Mayor of New York.”

Yang repeatedly referred to LGBTQ people as a “community” and shared with Stonewall Democratic Club members how much he cares about “your community”.

“I really love you and your community,” Yang told members. “You are so human and beautiful. They make New York City special. I have no idea how we will ever lose to the Republicans since you all frankly hold leadership roles across the Democratic Party. “

Filmmaker and Stonewall member Harris Doran said Yang “kept calling us” your community “like we were aliens.”

“We have this incredible secret weapon,” said Yang. “It’s not even secret. It’s like we should win everything because we have all of you. “

“Gay, gay, gay. Wow, ”one person wrote in the chat on the forum that was later shared with the New York Times. “More for us than just that.”

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