AG Maura Healey Says Dartmouth Detention Middle Had Dedicated ‘Severe Civil Rights Violations – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey told WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller that the C. Carlos Carreiro immigration prison in North Dartmouth, which is no longer used to detain immigrants, was “grossly violating civil rights.” committed.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson was furious at the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to end the county’s ICE immigrant detention contract, calling it a “political hit job.”

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The Dartmouth Detention Center was charged with overcrowding and inhumane conditions. It was also the subject of a damning report from Healey.

Keller asked her to respond to Hodgson’s claims that she “should be ashamed of guns [her office] trying to move forward [herself] to run for governor. “

“I think he should be ashamed if he tries to make this a political issue,” Healey said.

“A year ago there was a report of a very serious incident in Bristol County Jail in the detention center that housed immigrant detainees. These are people who are being held in civil immigration detainees, not criminal detainees. Our office did an extensive investigation, we interviewed a number of people, we examined videotapes and examined all kinds of digital evidence and emails and the like. And basically we published a report describing serious violations and abuses of civil rights. “

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Healey stated that the report was sent to the Department of Homeland Security, which then took the step to terminate its contract with Bristol County.

Keller also asked if Hodgson should continue to serve as sheriff in Bristol County.

“That is left to the voters,” Healey said. “I’ll say it was disappointing that Sheriff Hodgson didn’t sit for an interview. He refused to make himself available. “

She added that no charges will be brought against Hodgson.


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Later in the interview, Keller asked Healey what it would take for her office to participate in the investigation into the death of Hopkinton teenager Mikayla Miller.

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