Ex-RNC Head Drops the Hammer on ‘Loopy as Hell’ Marjorie Taylor Greene in MSNBC Tirade

Led by former Republican Congressman Justin AmashLibertarians in the US are absolutely crazy about “vaccination records,” an initiative launched and operated by 17 private companies – but not the federal government – to protect companies, themselves, their employees and their customers who know who was vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus that killed more than 550,000 Americans.

While not a Biden administration initiative, the White House supports the poorly named “passports” and coordinates efforts to develop and implement them.

The travel and tourism industries, as well as businesses such as restaurants, concert venues, and others that gather large numbers of people, are eager to reopen fully and safely, but evidence of vaccination is apparent to libertarians and many conservatives, including representatives just too much. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan to deal with it.

Amash on Twitter calls the idea of ​​the passports “dystopian”.

No vaccination certificate. It doesn’t get much more dystopian than having to show your “health papers” everywhere.

– Justin Amash (@justinamash) March 30, 2021

To put it bluntly, contrary to the current conspiracy theories, the federal government does not require vaccination. It also does not require passports and is not involved in maintaining the data.

“Vaccination cards are not a new idea,” reports US News. “Frequent international travelers may be familiar with vaccination cards, which are usually a yellow piece of paper that lists a person’s vaccinations. Certain areas require proof of vaccination against diseases such as yellow fever or tuberculosis. “

US News also notes that “Andy Slavitt, a senior adviser to the White House’s coronavirus team, said Monday that it was not the government’s job to create such a passport or to keep such data on its citizens.”

Amash and others, especially libertarian groups, are ridiculed on social media for apparently failing to realize that state and local governments in the US and the federal government, along with governments around the world, have been providing evidence of vaccinations against many for at least a century Desire illnesses.

See the dystopia, Justin. https://t.co/vFtuoHXeGd pic.twitter.com/ppdOjAwnXG

– Southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) March 30, 2021

OMG the horror of the decades-old public health authorities https://t.co/lijb5CggVz pic.twitter.com/E2s0gKuCeG

– Prasad Jallepalli, MD, PhD (@jallepap) March 30, 2021

Vaccination records happen to be yellow. Anyone who regularly travels to “exotic” destinations is familiar with evidence of a vaccine certificate against yellow fever or other diseases.

Libertarians spend a lot of energy to free themselves from world travel. pic.twitter.com/FS02d8nm1k

– Karen Leavitt (@kleavitt) March 30, 2021

Have these people never attended school?
I had to shoot the MMR three times because my mother lost my vaccination card, then I did it (twice).
primary school
Vaccine requirements are not new.

– Yellowdog 4 H2O in GA (@TNYellowDog) March 30, 2021

It is interesting that so-called libertarians concentrate exclusively on their individual “freedom”, but never on the costs of the negative external effects of their “freedom”. Whether it is seat belts, weapons, masks or vaccines, a refusal to act in the common interest creates significant costs 1 /

– Asha Rangappa (@AshaRangappa_) March 30, 2021

Libertarians, 2021: “COVID vaccination cards are tyranny! We have always stood for freedom! “

Libertarian Party, 1988: “Children with HIV should be banned from schools, doctors should not have to treat them, and companies should be able to test all employees.” pic.twitter.com/s58iSvKk8W

– Christian Christensen (@ChrChristensen) March 30, 2021

In addition to the vaccines, I also had to be tested for tuberculosis, syphilis, and gonorrhea.

– Guan ???? (@guan) March 30, 2021

[after a year of not seeing family and friends, staying home, watching people you care about die, massive unemployment, the economy devastated…]

Government: Here is a piece of paper that will help prevent more suffering. Hold on to it.


– Charlotte Clymer ???? (@cmclymer) March 30, 2021

The GOP and the libertarians are pretty hysterical about what they believe to be a threat to civil liberties from #VaccinePassports, but not upset about the very real threat to civil liberties from the # VoterSuppression laws.

Make it meaningful.

– Victoria Brownworth #GetVaccinnedStayMasked (@VABVOX) March 30, 2021

Libertarians are incapable of putting anything into proportion and label even the most sensible public safety measures of fascism / naziism. Unsurprisingly, these are also upper-middle-class white guys who have encountered few serious obstacles in life. https://t.co/XfBWxCVoHY

– The Cascading Pragmatist (@PNWPragmatist) March 30, 2021

These clowns cannot even properly understand their own misuse of analogies. If the vaccinated people wear the stars, then who are the KY libertarians in this story? https://t.co/fkUUnw5caM

– Sheer Ganor (@sheerganor) March 30, 2021

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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