$20 Million Professional-Trump ‘Coverage’ Group Launches Offering Jobs for Ex-President’s Former Aides and Advisors

Pro-Trump evangelical minister Jeff Jansen denounced the Christian church of the 21st century, calling it “female, almost homosexual” compared to Jesus Christ, who, as he says, was “a man”, “a tough guy” .

Jansen, author of “Trump: The Fate of God’s America: The Great Awakening and the Struggle for Our Country’s Future,” made his statement at a “Reign” conference held at Ignite Faith Church in Redmond, Oregon over the weekend where he bragged that the ushers in his church are fully armed and will not hesitate to kill anyone who even thinks of starting anything, ”said Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla.

“Jesus wasn’t a wimp,” Jansen told the parishioners. “He was a tough guy. He was a man. OK? He was a man. When they were selling at his father’s house, he went and made a whip. This will need time. He weaves a whip and says, “I come for you, come for you.” … He was very deliberate and he was crazy. He is a man. He whipped her. We are sorry. I just whipped her. “Oh, Jesus wouldn’t do that.” Hell, he wouldn’t, ”said Jansen.

“He was a man. But the church – the Ekklesia, the government of God – has been so castrated and so feminine, almost homosexual, ”he added. “I’m just telling you directly. It’s just ridiculous. Where are the men? Where is the manhood? Where is the “I will defend the children, I will protect the family”? My ushers in my church, pack them all. I mean, pack them all. You come to me and think about starting something, you are dead. They will kill you. They will shoot you because they will protect everyone else. You’re trying to pull something, you’re dead. I said, “Look, guys, if I’m preaching up there and someone is running, make sure you get it. Just kill them. Just shoot them. ‘”


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