Whereas They Had been in Lockdown In the course of the Revolt Democrats Drafted New Articles of Impeachment

Despite the Trump administration trying to stop it, former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book is already making waves.

The New York Times, which received an advance copy of the book ahead of its official release next week, released a report Wednesday setting out some of its key revelations.

While Bolton himself is a double and untrustworthy personality in many ways, his allegations against President Donald Trump are worth taking seriously. We have already seen that much of what goes on behind closed doors is shameful and harmful to the country – and a person with Bolton’s access would likely know many of the White House’s darkest secrets.

Here are 7 stunning details from the report:

1. Bolton confirms that Trump’s infamous consideration for Ukraine was explicit

The book confirms the House’s testimony that Mr Bolton was cautious throughout the President’s actions regarding Ukraine and that Mr Trump specifically linked security aid to an investigation related to Mr Biden and Hillary Clinton. On August 20, Mr Bolton writes, Mr Trump said “he was not in favor of sending them anything until all Russia investigative materials relating to Clinton and Biden have been turned over.” Mr Bolton writes that he, Mr Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper tried eight to ten times to get Mr Trump to release the aid.

2. Bolton says similar incidents have occurred with Turkey and China

“The pattern looked like an obstruction to justice as a way of life that we could not accept,” wrote Bolton.

He accuses the Democrats of indicting Trump on grounds far too narrowly and solely Ukraine-centered, but that complaint is deeply ironic as Bolton refuses to testify.

3. Trump tried to get China to help him get re-elected, the book says

Bolton wrote: “The President openly linked politics to his own political destiny when he asked for it [Chinese President] Xi buys many American agricultural products to help win farm states in this year’s elections. Mr. Trump, he writes, asked Xi to make sure he would win. He stressed the importance of farmers and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat for the election result. “

4. Trump reportedly did not know Britain was a nuclear power

This is a fundamental fact of world politics, and yet the President seems to have no idea what is going on.

5. Trump is said to have asked whether Finland is part of Russia

The report doesn’t say who Trump asked. Hopefully it wasn’t the Finns. Or the Russians.

6. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo allegedly dismissed Trump’s overtures to North Korea as useless

A month later, Mr Bolton writes, Mr Pompeo dismissed the President’s North Korea diplomacy, stating that there was a “zero chance of success”.

7. Bolton said he had reported cases of Trump’s possible abuse of power to Attorney General Bill Barr

It is not clear whether anything ever emerged from these reports.

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