Web Erupts in Horror After Democrats Present ‘Haunting’ Rebel Day Video

Americans across the country were appalled and outraged by the January 6 events – a coup and attempted insurrection – after Democrats’ leading impeachment manager, Congressman Jaime Raskin, launched the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump with a nearly 10-minute video detail initiated the “painful” and “terrible” events of that day.

Former President Donald Trump, who has fallen out of favor, is currently on trial in the US Senate for “inciting insurrection”. The video that Democrats showed proves their case, according to many.

CNN’s Manu Raju posted the video on Twitter. It attracted nearly 300,000 views in less than an hour.

Here is the video:

Democrats kick off impeachment proceedings with a January 6 video showing Trump’s remarks at the rally, followed by the violent and deadly riot at the Capitol.
“Senators, the President was indicted for this by the US House of Representatives on Jan. 13,” Raskin says pic.twitter.com/YOA75QXEnc

– Manu Raju (mkraju), February 9, 2021

And reactions:

The footage broadcast at the beginning of the impeachment hearing is traumatic.

Not an exaggeration, it’s deeply traumatic.

And for many Americans, it’s the first time they’ve seen it.

– The Hoarse Whisperer (@TheRealHoarse) February 9, 2021

I worked on the hill, my great grandfather was a carpenter in the Capitol, my uncle was a policeman in the Capitol, and my father worked for the Capitol architect. My grandmother was born two blocks from the Capitol. I cried when I saw the video.

– BaltimꪮreTom🇺🇸🌊 (@BaltimoreTom) February 9, 2021

Shocking and disturbing. https://t.co/yDzlniubA4

– Richard L. Floyd (@ rfloyd7) February 9, 2021

It was really hard to see again.

– Quinn @ ❄❤🇺🇸 🗽 (@QuinnDixie) February 9, 2021

Harrowing and nerve-wracking video compounded by the knowledge that half of the senators in this chamber will vote for acquittal.

– Aether Wave (@SobolNick) February 9, 2021

This video is brutal.

– George Conway (@ gtconway3d) February 9, 2021

That is more than annoying. 🤢😭🤬 https://t.co/znjFLUjPPn

– Jen Bliss | BLM | ✌🏼 | 😁 | 😁 (@bliss_jen) February 9, 2021

If a lone Republican votes for acquittal after watching this horrific video, they have no love for our country or our constitution. Your love for Trump is at odds with what we all know is patriotism.

– Joe Lockhart (@joelockhart) February 9, 2021

I am very angry about this and I want justice. That was riot and I want prison.

– spicy_ravioleee 🇺🇸 (@spicy_raviolee) February 9, 2021

This is still terrifying https://t.co/Kvjkd7KZRs

– Robin at some distance, MPP (@RoFiNerdery) February 9, 2021

This video is disturbing. I didn’t turn it off but I had to mute it and look for a lot https://t.co/jwB06SSlaF

– PaprikaPink (@PaprikaPink) February 9, 2021

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