Watch: Michele Bachmann Tells Prayer Community Friends 2020 Election Was a ‘Coup’

Former Congressman Michele Bachmann participated in a World Prayer Network prayer call on Sunday evening explaining that Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election was a “coup d’état” and warned that the passage of the For The People Act reform would prevent it from being passed (HR 1) “Solidify this illegal takeover forever. “

On election night, Bachmann boldly claimed that God “sealed” this election in heaven on behalf of Donald Trump, and she steadfastly refused to accept that her statement was premature and ultimately wrong.

“I want everyone to recognize what we are going through and what we are experiencing is a coup,” said Bachmann. “This is known as a coup, and a coup is a political term, and what that means is an illegal, unauthorized takeover of legitimate government. America had a legitimate government, but this is an unauthorized, illegal takeover through electoral fraud in last November’s elections and now HR 1 [will] Solidifying this illegal takeover forever. “

“Make no mistake – what we see is a coup,” she continued. “You see that in third world countries. It happens in the largest country in the world, the United States, but it’s a coup. “

This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here with permission.

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