Watch: CNN’s Harwood Explains ‘Trump May Finish Up in Jail’ Over ‘Intensified’ Manhattan Investigation

CNN’s John Harwood discussed a report in the New York Times that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s firm had stepped up its investigation into Donald Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank, speculating that the president might see a jail sentence.

According to the NYT report, “Deutsche Bank and Aon employees, two corporate giants, could be important witnesses. As two of Mr. Trump’s oldest allies – and some of the only mainstream corporations willing to do business with him on a regular basis – they may offer investigators a wealth of information about the Trump Organization. “

The CNN White House correspondent added on the president’s other legal issues that may arise after he leaves office after Jan. 20, admitting that details of what is being discussed are sketchy due to previous searches Talks with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

“We don’t know much about this subject, but we have outlined what it is about from Michael Cohen in his public testimony,” Harwood told host John Berman, “in which he said this President before Congress.” Trump had the pattern of lying about the value of his wealth, inflating it to either do good publicity or impress lenders, but lying on the downside and dumping them to avoid taxes, and that seems to Cy Vance to be be doing research. “

“Cy Vance, remember, state and local law enforcement is beyond the reach of a presidential pardon. Even if the president chooses to apologize before leaving office, which is a legally dubious move, he has never been put on trial, sorry for not a state prosecution, ”added Harwood. “This is in addition to New York Attorney General Letitia James’s civil investigation. All of this – again, we don’t know if Cy Vance will ultimately prosecute – but I think that’s one reason why all the talk about Trump that may be going on in 2024 has gone a little beyond itself. “

“Besides being an overweight 74-year-old man,” he added. “There is also a possibility that he will face criminal prosecution once he leaves office and is not unlikely to end up in prison.”

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Watch: CNN’s Harwood says Trump could end up in jail for “intensifying” Manhattan investigation. He first appeared in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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