Wall Avenue Journal: Endorsing the Assassination of the Speaker of the Home Is Merely ‘Nutty,’ and ‘Cuckoo Rhetoric’

The editors of the Wall Street Journal say US Representative Marjorie Taylor GreeneThe approval to assassinate the House Speaker, a former US President and two former US Secretary of State is merely “insane” and “cuckoo rhetoric”.

“On Thursday Ms. Greene rejected her previous cuckoo rhetoric under pressure from all sides,” said the WSJ editorial team.

“Everyone agrees that Ms. Greene’s previous social media posts were insane. However, it is a worrying precedent for the House majority party to override minority committee assignments on the basis of a politician’s words before they take office, ”the editor said.

“Really?” Not everyone. Most believe that they are far worse than “crazy” or “cuckoo”.

Don’t you know all the crimes committed by QAnon Congressmen?

Congressman Greene is a “supporter of the violent and absurd” Frazzledrip “conspiracy theory associated with QAnon and Pizzagate,” reports Media Matters, wearing her face like a mask and then drinking her blood as part of a satanic ritual to ingest something , which is called adrenochrome. “

Apparently, this is not such a big deal to the editors of the Wall Street Journal, and it doesn’t deserve releasing a member of Congress from committee duties.

Greene also liked a meme posted on her Facebook page in June 2018 claiming that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, Clinton, former President Barack ‘Obama and her Democratic friends … failing to have Trump repeal DACA would show that DACA was being used by them … for trafficking high-altitude pedophilia and organ harvesting, ”Media Matters also reported.

Again, no big deal for the WSJ editorial team.

These are just a few of the many heinous and offensive beliefs Greene held.

The sub-head of the editorial board reads: “The Republicans of the House cannot grant the democratic wish for a GOP civil war.”

That’s what worries the WSJ, which is part of Rupert Murdoch’s giant right-wing propaganda machine, including Fox News (who is now facing a $ 2.7 billion lawsuit).

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, who co-authored several research articles for Rep. Greene, says the WSJ is “cleaning up” QAnon congressmen:

It’s hygienic to call them “crazy”. She advocated the execution of the Speaker of House and the hanging of Obama and Clinton.https: //t.co/qjkdSWplSd

– Andrew Kaczynski (@KFILE) February 5, 2021

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