US Catholic Bishops Transfer Towards Denying Biden Communion in Political Transfer Violating Vatican Route

The American Bishops’ Conference voted overwhelmingly on Friday to punish President Joe Biden, a devout Catholic, for his policies of promoting and defending a woman’s right to abortion. It is the first official step to refuse communion from the US president. Biden personally opposes abortion, but believes it should be a safe, protected, and legal right ruled by the US Supreme Court.

The bishops voted 168-55 for the creation of a “doctrinal document,” as NBC News reports, as a “reprimand” against Biden and other Catholic politicians who support abortion. The Roman Catholic Church is against it.

“The Vatican has warned Conservative American bishops to step on the brakes to refuse communion to abortionist politicians – including President Biden, a devoted churchgoer and the first Roman Catholic to hold the Oval Office in 60 years “The New York The Times reported Monday, suggesting that the move by the US bishops is as much a political gesture as it is a religious reprimand.

“Some leading bishops, whose priorities clearly coincide with former President Donald J. Trump, now want to reaffirm the central position of the opposition to abortion in the Catholic faith and lay down a hard line – especially with a liberal Catholic in the Oval Office.”

The Times reports that President Biden is being led by Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles (photo), president of the US Bishops’ Conference.

“The focus of this proposed teaching document,” Archbishop Gomez wrote in a memo, “is on helping people best understand the beauty and mystery of the Eucharist as the center of their Christian life.”

However, the Times noted that the Vatican “does not want to use access to the Eucharist as a political weapon,” said Antonio Spadaro, a Jesuit priest and close ally of Francis.

Conservative American bishops called for “a strong reprimand from Biden,” notes NBC, “for his recent measures to protect and expand access to abortion, while opponents warned that such measures would put bishops as a partisan force at a time of bitter political division would represent the country. “

Image by USCCB President José Horacio Gómez of Prayitno via Wikimedia and a CC license

The contribution of the American Catholic bishops to denying Biden when a political move violates Vatican directives first appeared in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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