Trump Sued by Chinese language American Civil Rights Coalition Over ‘China Virus’

Donald Trump is being taken to court for using the term “China Virus” … a new lawsuit claims that the former president did great harm to Chinese Americans with this sentence.

Trump is being sued by the Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition … and they’re pissed off that he kept referring to COVID-19 as “the Chinese virus”, “Wuhan virus” and “kung flu” during his tenure.

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According to the TMZ lawsuit, the CACRC claims that Trump’s use of the derogatory terms contributed to the recent spike in violence against Chinese and Asian Americans … and they claim he should have known better.

As you know … in the text of a March 2020 speech, Trump crossed out the “corona virus” and replaced it with “Chinese virus” … and the CACRC claimed he shouldn’t have used the term because it’s not entirely clear where the virus actually originated.

In the lawsuit, the CACRC says Trump’s constant use of the “China virus” was essentially a dog whistle for his legions of followers, and they claim that this has harmed Chinese Americans.

Trump is charged with defamation and causing emotional distress … and the CACRC wants Trump to spit out $ 1 – roughly $ 22.9 million – for every Asian American and Pacific Islander living in the US. The organization says it will use the money to build a museum that will showcase the history and contributions of AAPI to the United States

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