Trump State Dept. Appointee, a Former Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Employee, in Connection With Capitol Riot

Lin Wood – the pro-Trump attorney who became a far-right conspiracy theorist and QAnon celebrity – has urged hundreds of thousands of his supporters to tarnish the Georgia officials involved in a disciplinary case against him.

Wood also doxed the officers by posting their addresses on his Telegram channel, which is accessible to more than 800,000 followers.

“Due to the time limit, I could use the help of an army of patriots,” Wood wrote on Telegram last Saturday. “If you have any information that could affect a member’s competency, qualification, or objectivity, would you email me that information? Your social media posts, political affiliations, representative clients (for example, if one or more of them represent Dominion), lawsuits filed against you, etc. would potentially provide me with relevant information that could form the basis for a challenge. “

The State Bar of Georgia conducted an investigation into Wood after learning that Wood “may have violated one or more of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.” The February 5, 2021 complaint was uploaded to Dropbox by Wood.

Wood, first known for representing Richard Jewell, a security officer falsely accused of planting the bomb in Centennial Olympic Park during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, has since acted as pro-Trump -Lawyer reinvented. Wood, along with colleague Sidney Powell, filed lawsuits to reverse the 2020 presidential election results in several swing states, making him a celebrity in the far-right QAnon conspiracy movement.

Wood’s notorious lawsuits against Powell were mentioned in the 1,600-page complaint filed against him.

“Following the presidential election, Mr. Wood and his co-attorney Sidney Powell filed four frivolous lawsuits in the swing states of Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona and Michigan in which they falsely alleged electoral fraud and attempted to reverse election results.” The complaint read. “Each of these cases was dismissed because Mr. Wood and his co-counsel could not even come up with a legally valid theory for their unsupported claims, let alone provide evidence.”

The complaint also alleges that Wood “has shown that he either cannot or does not want to meet his professional obligations. Indeed, at the January 11 conference in that court, he defended his actions, falsely claiming that there was enough evidence of fraud to support the allegations, which were broadly dismissed by multiple courts. “

Wood, who previously called for the arrest and execution of former Vice President Mike Pence and continues to advance unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about Chief Justice John Roberts and Hillary Clinton, declined to undergo a mental health exam requested by the State Bar of Georgia last month. At the time, he stated, “Despite some personal difficulties with my family in February 2020, my doctor found that I was sane and not ‘crazy’.”

Wood also argued that his unsubstantiated forays were not reason enough to threaten disciplinary action against him.

“I don’t deserve my license threatened and possibly revoked because I support President Trump, fight for the Bill of Rights, fight for honest elections, fight pedophilia and child trafficking, and stand up against corruption among senior government officials,” said Wood said on the telegram.

This article was first published on Right Wing Watch and is republished here with permission.

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