Trump Political Appointee and Anti-LGBTQ Christian Proper Activist Sues Biden After Refusing to Resign

Roger SeverinoA former Trump health and human services appointee, who targeted LGBTQ Americans in his religious crusade as head of the civil rights office, is suing the Biden administration for removing him from his former president’s appointment Obscure but powerful man has dismissed federal agency known as ACUS.

He refuses to resign despite being a political commissioner.

“President Biden’s attempt to unlawfully remove me exposes his lofty promises to heal and unite all Americans as nothing but cynical manipulation,” Severino defiantly told Newsweek.

“As I cannot even be bullied by the President himself, I will not resign from my duly mandated post and I look forward to seeing President Biden try to justify his vengeful actions in court.”

Severino’s complaint states: “Under Article II, President Biden has no constitutional power to end Mr Severino’s appointment to the Council.”

“The Council” is the United States’ administrative conference (ACUS) that influences how US government regulators operate.

Mark Joseph Stern of Slate, who deals with the courts and the law, writes on Twitter: “Severino’s substantive argument … seems to suggest that ACUS is not part of any government department, but sits on a heavenly level outside the executive branch.”

He calls the lawsuit “Bonkers, BONKERS, just eye-melting fools at the galaxy-brain level”.

What is particularly pathetic, however, is that federal law does not even protect Roger Severino from removal. He is an arbitrary employee! He wants federal justice to go beyond the text of the law and find an implicit protection against deportation in its penumbra. It’s crazy.

– Mark Joseph Stern (@mjs_DC) February 4, 2021

Severino spent his four years in the Trump administration, working tirelessly to kill protections for LGBTQ patients, many of which were installed by the Obama administration to effectively promote gender and sexual orientation discrimination. By establishing the Department of Conscience and Religious Freedom at HHS, he also expanded the opportunities for believers to assert discrimination based on religion.

At HHS, Severino described protecting the Obama era for transgender patients as “unnecessary”.

In defending an anti-LGBTQ regulation on “freedom of religion”, Severino told reporters: “Patients want doctors who correspond to their values.”

As reported by NCRM, Severino has been identified by the human rights campaign as a “radical” anti-LGBTQ religious rights activist. He was once CEO and advisor to the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a nonprofit religious rights organization that speaks out against the separation of church and state. He was also director of the DeVos Family Center for Religion and Civil Society at the Institute for Family, Community and Opportunities.

He is married to Carrie Severino, the president of the Judicial Crisis Network, who has spent millions installing President Donald Trump’s extremist judges, including reportedly tens of millions of dollars to secure Trump’s three candidates for the Supreme Court.

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