Trump Mentioned Declaring Nationwide Safety Emergency Powers He Did not Should Overturn the Election: Report

“His overall feeling was, let’s try this.”

Weeks after losing the November 2020 election by more than 7 million votes and more than 70 electoral votes, President Donald Trump debated the declaration of emergency national security powers that his White House lawyers had failed to tell him.

This emerges from an impressive report detailing a December 18 meeting in the Oval Office and the Axios White House residence: “In the craziest meeting of the Trump presidency.”

The meeting was attended by White House Senior Advisor Eric Herschmann, White House Attorney Pat Cipollone, and White House Secretary Derek Lyons, and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, former CEO, Patrick Byrne, former Trump administration clerk Emily, part Newman and attorney Sidney Powell, who is currently being sued by Dominion voting machines for $ 1.3 billion.

Powell “proposed declaring a national security emergency, giving her and her cabal top-secret security clearance, and using the US government to seize Dominion’s voting machines.”

At some point, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani came over by phone and had to tell everyone in the “heated” meeting that they should calm down. Axios reports at one point that the “meeting got completely out of hand” and that “people screamed and cursed” in the Oval Office.

Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, “wore jeans, a hoodie and a neck seal, and expressed his own conspiracy:“ I know how this works. I bribed Hillary Clinton $ 18 million for a stab operation on behalf of the FBI, ”he said, according to Axios.

Herschmann stared at the eccentric millionaire. “What the hell are you talking about? Why would you say something like that? “Byrne raised the bizarre Clinton bribery lawsuit several times during the meeting, to the amazement of White House attorneys.

Trump, for his part, also seemed at a loss from Byrne. But he wasn’t entirely convinced that the ideas Powell came up with were insane.

He asked: You are not offering me anything. At least these guys offer me a chance. They say they have the evidence. Why not try The President really seemed to believe the election was stolen and his overall feeling was, let’s try this.

The words “martial law” were never spoken during the meeting, although Flynn had brought up the idea in an appearance the day before on Newsmax, a right-wing beehive for election conspiracies.

However, this was a distinction with little difference. What Flynn and Powell proposed was to suspend normal laws and mobilize the US government to seize Dominion voting machines across the country.

Both Lyons and Morgan expressed “skepticism” about Flynn and Powell’s idea of ​​”using national emergency forces”.

“Trump expressed skepticism about Powell’s theories at various points, but said, ‘At least she’s fighting out there.'”

Axios adds that the “handful of White House lawyers and advisers” were determined to prevent the president from indulging in the temptation to use national security forces in an emergency, seize voting machines and disable the main levers of American democracy.

Read the full report here.

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