Trump-Loving God-Fearing MyPillow CEO Claims First Modification Proper to Lie About Voting Tech Corporations

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, is building a high-profile legal team to defend him against a $ 1 billion defamation lawsuit that he hopes will land in the US Supreme Court.

Donald Trump’s staunch ally has hired veteran First Amendment attorney Nathan Lewin and is advised by Alan Dershowitz on his defense against Dominion Voting Systems, who claims Lindell defamed the company with unsubstantiated claims about the 2020 election, The Daily Beast reported .

“I want to take this to the Supreme Court,” Lindell said repeatedly. “I do not stop.”

Lewin, 85, helped prosecute Jimmy Hoffa for the Justice Department from Bobby Kennedy and later represented Jodie Foster, former Attorney General Edwin Meese, President Richard Nixon and John Lennon, and Dershowitz, who defended Trump during his first impeachment, gave one Preview of Lindell’s Defense.

“Our position is that Dominion is the government for the purposes of the First Amendment,” said Dershowitz. “The government has given them the most important government function, mainly counting votes in presidential elections, and so they are being criticized as much as the government is in this situation and how the government is criticized. Conducting a presidential election is the highest bar, the right of the first Amendment to the constitution protects against criticizing such measures. “

Dershowitz is not a registered attorney on this case, but he did confirm that he assisted Lindell’s team in making a defense.

“I have been to conference calls repeatedly [Lindell’s] legal team, sometimes Lindell is on the job, sometimes not, ”said Dershowitz. “My job is to come up with ideas related to the first change request. I give them cases and suggest first change theories – my role is limited to advising on first change issues. “

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Trump-Loving God-Fearing MyPillow CEO claims the first right of amendment to lie about voting technology companies first appeared in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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