Trump ‘Has Acquired to Be Investigated Criminally’ for Inciting MAGA Mob

In an interview with Slate legal columnist Dhalia Lithwick, former US attorney Preet Bharara claimed he was unfamiliar with inside information about the numerous investigations against Donald Trump, but saw “signals” from Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. that this is the case – and it’s not good for the former president.

After describing the argument with Trump that led to his dismissal, Bharara alleged that little was found of Trump from his previous home in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the southern borough of New York, which provides clues as to where her case is stands. But he said the attorney’s office in Manhattan was a different story.

“His tax returns are in the hands of Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan District Attorney. You’re working to turn people around in the Trump organization. I wonder which piece of it are you watching or are you just seeing everything? What do you expect from being accountable and feeling like this is all coming to an end? “Asked Lithwick.

“The one we know most directly and most prominently is the one you mentioned, the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation into Trump’s finances and business relationships,” the attorney replied. “I don’t know because I wasn’t on the grand jury and I didn’t interview the witnesses. Cy Vance doesn’t call me and tell me things, but there are some signals. “

“Cy Vance is not running for re-election. Vance is, as they say, a lame duck. As a lame duck, he has done certain things, including hiring an outside forensic accounting firm, which is not particularly uncommon, but not that common. He did something else that is less common, which is to hire an outside attorney, Mark Pomerantz, who is a very reputable and respected attorney in New York, ”he explained. “I’m not going to put too much emphasis on it, but it seems like the kind of move you make when you think there will be an indictment or there is a good chance of an indictment because it’s a fairly public matter is doing. “

Noting that such steps would likely “alienate” some in his office, Bharara noted that Vance thinks it’s worth it because he has a good case.

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