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WARREN – Trumbull County Commissioners voted 3-0 to approve a motion from Commissioner Niki Frenchko to hear from more companies offering managed care services for county employee compensation claims filed through the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation were.

Frenchko said she was concerned that the HR manager picked a company one day after the open enrollment period started on May 3. The deadline ends on May 28th. The district can withdraw from this agreement, employees said.

The county should watch the presentations that other managed care organizations can offer, Frenchko said.

Commissioner Frank Fuda told HR last year that when choosing an MCO this year, he wanted to take a closer look at what the county does every few years.

MCOs serve as a type of “Middle Man” between the county and the BWC after an employee submits a compensation claim that administers a worker injury and compensation process.

In an often tense barbed meeting exchanged between Frenchko and Richard Jackson, the county human resources director said the job was typical of the human resources manager and that is why he took care of it.

The agreements with MCOs don’t cost the county money directly because the companies are paid with BWC premiums, Jackson said. Frenchko disagreed and said this affects the cost due to certain factors.

Frenchko said it was inappropriate for Jackson to lunch on the dime of a broker who receives a bonus from a company if the county chooses the company.

Jackson said a plate of Salvatore spaghetti was not a bribe and lunch was a briefing on changes in MCO companies after some companies were bought out.

Frenchko said the agreement was signed by Jackson after lunch. Jackson admitted that it was.

Commissioner Mauro Cantlamessa said Frenchko should stop focusing on that “The black man” and “Conspiracy theories” and said that HR always dealt with the problem.

This is a developing story, read more on Thursday’s Tribune Chronicle.

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