These GOP Reps Need to Make Donald Trump’s Birthday an Official Vacation

In his column for the Conservative Bulwark, former Republican National Committee spokesman Tim Miller slapped Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on comments he made in an interview in which he raised concerns that the Republican Party was a sizeable one Would lose number of voters if they voted to charge the president with sedition.

In the interview Paul stated: “I didn’t approve of the fight that took place last week. I voted against reversing the choice. At the same time, impeachment is a false, partisan notion. If the Republicans go along with it, it will destroy the party. A third of Republicans will leave the party. “

According to Miller, Paul’s admission was a formidable show of cowardice.

“The preponderance of errors by Republican elected officials in the past two months, and particularly in the past two weeks, is due to purely political calculations. They cannot wage a war on terror against people who they believe are their own constituents, ”Miller wrote. “The political cowardice here is breathtaking. Imagine if a third of your voters were terrorist sympathizers and would not try to do anything about it. But while this Republican cowardice shouldn’t be excused, at least you can understand it. “

According to Miller, last year the Republicans were the party that did nothing, did not hold confirmation hearings, and left the country leaderless.

“Why are we in this position? Because before January 6, they were afraid of hurting Donald Trump’s feelings by taking action that suggested Joe Biden would be the next president. And now they are staying out of the meeting so they don’t have to deal with the impeachment process that the House passed, ”he wrote. “In other words, because they really wanted to protect Trump then and now.”

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