The Actual Cause Fox Information ‘Went Loopy’ With Kamala Harris’s Memorial Day Weekend Tweet: NYT’s Haberman

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade expressed anger and anger on Friday morning when he attacked President Joe Biden for not praising but “kicking the bar” of his predecessor while delivering his first address to the nation on Thursday evening.

“We don’t have to go over the 500,000 dead, we had this moment. Let’s talk about the future. Every time he has the opportunity to praise the previous government, not only does he not praise it, he kicks it, ”complained the host of“ Fox & Friends ”, noting the number of Americans who participated in the Coronavirus died incorrectly. The actual number is 540,000.

Brian Kilmeade: “We don’t have to go over the 500,000 dead, we had this moment. Let’s talk about the future. Every time he has the opportunity to praise the previous government, not only does he not praise it, he kicks it off. “

– Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) March 12, 2021

As most Americans have seen, virtually every press conference by virtually every Trump administration official began with or included strong criticism of the Obama administration. President Trump regularly criticized his predecessor and fabricated lies blaming him for a myriad of problems actually caused by his own administration. In fact, Voice of America, the Congress-funded independent international news agency, reported that Trump had tweeted criticism of Obama 246 times by the end of August 2019. (Other examples here, here, and here. There are many more.)

Kilmeade attacked Biden for trying to unite the country, which for conservatives means praising Trump and executing his policies.

Brian Kilmeade complains at length that Joe Biden is not in agreement for not giving the previous president enough credit for Operation Warp Speed ​​and that people shouldn’t listen to Anthony Fauci because some of his early pandemic comments turned out to be false .

– Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) March 12, 2021

Even Fox News’ Chyron was wrong.

In reality, Biden’s speech is actually commended for his efforts to unite the nation. Here are just a few examples:

I am somewhat convinced that Biden will end his speech with “Thank you for taking the time to listen.” What a fascinating thing for the President of the United States to say at the end of his first prime-time address. Was that common in another time?

– Tyler Weyant (@tweyant) March 12, 2021

National unity is not about how “Washington politicians vote,” says Joe Biden. A notable line in this speech that reformulates his vision of unity in a way that is consistent with political reality.

– Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) March 12, 2021

Quite a talk from Biden! Expressed empathy for losses, promised “truth”, calling for an end to the Asian Americans “scapegoat” and for “independence” from the virus by July 4th, calling for unity – “Don’t bet against the American people” & offered hope, that we can “come out stronger”.

– Amy Siskind ???? (@Amy_Siskind) March 12, 2021

I just want to put my two cents into what I felt about Biden’s speech last night. What I saw was love, compassion, trust, empathy, oneness, focus, and sincerity / integrity. Whether you’re a Rep or Dem or Independent, I think he deserves a chance.

-? Dugstir56? (@ dugsir56) March 12, 2021

Biden just gave a great speech. Many highlights, but to paraphrase it: #unity not only means that politicians are non-partisan, but also that Americans agree and work together on things. #Biden has a long list of very popular agenda items.

– Keir Dougall (@keirsay) March 12, 2021

Biden deftly redefines unity when Americans come together to protect one another and their collective way of life, rather than that of the partisans in Washington.

This is a tremendous speech. Deeply personal, challenges yourself and every American with hope and hard truths.

– JJ Abbott? (@jjabbott) March 12, 2021


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