South Carolina GOP Ripped Aside as Trump Loyalists Purge Longtime Members

There is a coordinated effort in South Carolina to take over local Republican counties from newcomers whose main allegiance is former President Donald Trump, according to a report by the Daily Beast.

Sam Brodey of the Beast writes: “Since Trump’s defeat and the January 6 attack on the Capitol, MAGA believers across the country have been restless. State-level activists have led the indictment at the national level, loudly criticizing and planning any Republican viewed as an enemy of the Trump movement, from members of Congress who voted to indict the ex-president to local officials that are counted as weak or soft when this is the case. “

Case in point: what is happening in deeply conservative South Carolina?

According to Lenna Smith, a 30-year veteran of Republican politics in the state, a recent meeting held to hold the annual board of directors elections was inundated with newcomers she had never seen in control. When it came time to elect the district president for the coming year, one of the newcomers nominated another newcomer, but not a single person nominated Smith. Stunned, she had to nominate herself … When it was time to vote, the result was a foregone conclusion: Smith had lost the position of President that she had held for years. When voting for the next higher office, the same thing happened and then the next one until there were no more offices left. Smith was completely excluded. “

What Smith experienced was not an isolated incident. The report mentioned similar incidents across the state.

According to Pressley Stutts, a local tea party leader, the purge of Republicans by name only (RINOs) is at the heart of Trump loyalists.

“There are a lot of good people who have lost their positions. Some are my friends. Some people say Pressley what did you do? “He told the beast before adding that Trump was giving implicit instructions to his supporters in his comments.” He said do a purge, get rid of the RINOs in the Republican Party. So we took him seriously. “

According to Suzette Jordan, who has been a GOP activist in Greenville for decades, longtime Republicans with political experience are being displaced at an amazing rate and she is concerned about where the local party is going.

“It’s frustrating to think that the party may be handed over to people who have different goals than they have for years. Your goal is to replace all of us. You could succeed, ”she claimed before adding that she was an elector who cast her vote for Trump. “We have been accused of being established, not being MAGA enough, whatever that means. Then a lady stepped forward and said: “Congratulations to the Elector!” It was kind of ironic to me. None of that mattered. “

Current Greenville County’s GOP chairman Nate Leupp told the beast, “On the night of March 22nd, about 30 percent of the county’s counties were attacked by the underdog faction. Their message, he told The Daily Beast, was clear: “We are MAGA and we are here to take over. “

“Some established Republicans viewed the apparent changing of the guard as a cyclical part of the political process,” Brodey wrote with Chad Groover, a former GOP chairman, adding, “The grassroots activists who worked hardest to get President Trump re-elected were them County Party Officers and Executive Committee, so it is disappointing that the same people are being excluded from leadership positions in the county and county party by people who have only recently made their commitment, many as recently as November. “

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