Signorile: The Extremist Try and Rewrite the US Structure

HuffPost’s Travis Waldron spoke to me about a longstanding right-wing effort and how it’s “about to come true.”

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HuffPost reporter Travis Waldron wrote a story this week about the alarming attempt by right-wing extremists to rewrite the Constitution by triggering a provision in Article V of the Constitution that allows a constitutional convention to be called if 34 states so request.

With states increasingly controlled by republican lawmakers and governors, the possibility is more real than ever. Waldron points out, however, that some Republicans, including some Trump loyalists, have been pushed back or indifferent. (And a constitutional convention was also something that some leftists have advocated in the past.)

That is something to see. Closely. 🚨

A radical right-wing dream to rewrite the constitution is about to appear Truehttps: //

– Jamie Carter – People’s Law Pass (@JCTheResistance) April 27, 2021

But at a time when an authoritarian past president who started an insurrection is leading the Republican Party – a man who would surely support efforts to lose constitutional freedoms and protections, including free speech and equal protections – we are all of us agree can happen.

Listen to the interview and read the entire article in The Signorile Report.

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Signorile: The Extremist Attempt to Rewrite the US Constitution first appeared in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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