SHoP architects unveils plans for museum of civil rights in west harlem

SHoP Architects unveil plans for ‘one45’, a mixed-use development for a location in the West Harlem neighborhood of New York City. According to the details set out in a draft scope of work, the proposed development will include an extensive program of residential, retail and office space. one45 will also be the home of the Civil Rights Museum.

Images courtesy of SHoP architects

The Citizens’ Rights Museum (MCR) is meant to be the “cultural anchor” of one45, but it won’t be like a traditional, stuffy museum. Instead, an immersive environment is planned in which visitors can actively learn and engage in social activities on topics such as racial, economic, gender, LGBTQIA +, environmental and immigration justice.

SHoP Civil Rights Architectural Museum in West Harlem Design boom

the Harlem Laboratory for Social Change

A central museum zone is located at the foot of the one45 by SHoP Architects and includes permanent exhibits, rotating exhibitions, a community-curated gallery to showcase local talent, and a state-of-the-art laboratory for creative arts and media related to social justice called the Harlem Laboratory for Social Change. Classrooms and offices are also housed here.

SHoP Civil Rights Architectural Museum in West Harlem Design boom

the educational garden on the roof

A teaching garden is planned on the roof of the core museum zone. It will provide a place to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a platform for community organizations to educate visitors about local food routes and modern food systems.

SHoP Architects unveil plans for a civil rights museum in West Harlem

the Harlem Forum

The third main feature of MCR is the Harlem Forum, which is on the highest level of the tallest one45 tower. In this room, guests can take part in conferences, lectures and performances while enjoying an incredible view over Manhattan.

Project info:

Surname: one45

Location: West Harlem, New York City, USA

Architect: SHoP Architects

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