Shadowy Group Behind Brett Kavanaugh’s Affirmation Spending Large to Undermine Biden’s Justice Division

The right-wing dark money group that helped Donald Trump “win” the Supreme Court are now working to undermine the Biden administration’s efforts to enforce voting rights.

The Judicial Crisis Network is running ads attacking Justice Department candidates, Vanita Gupta and Kristen Clarke – two respected trial lawyers and civil rights activists – as part of a related new organization, the Honest Elections Project, of an unlikely name, The Daily Beast reported .

Conservative right-wing activist Leonard Leo, longtime executive vice president of the Federalist Society, coordinates the efforts of the various dark money front groups to grab the Supreme Court and then take proxy cases to those right-wing courts.

The Honest Elections Project ran negative ads against Democrats, challenged electoral rolls, filed lawsuits over election restrictions – and attacked Gupta and Clarke.

Gupta once headed the Civil Rights Division, where she prosecuted hate crimes and human trafficking, led to disability and LGBTQ rights, fought discrimination in all walks of life, and challenged voter suppression. President Joe Biden has named her assistant attorney general.

Clarke was nominated to take on Gupta’s previous role in the Civil Rights Division, where she would enforce voting rights – something the Trump administration fundamentally ignored.

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