Sen. Rick Scott Pens Op-Ed Threatening ‘Woke Company America’

As CEO of the largest for-profit healthcare company in the country Rick scott was forced to resign and the company he helped found pleaded guilty to 14 crimes and agreed to a nearly $ 2 billion fraud regime.

On Monday, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) wrote highly indignant, caustic, and sarcastic Fox Business News threatening “Woke Corporate America”. ironically, “It turns out that power is corrupt and you have become corrupt.”


They advocate civil and voting rights, and attack those who describe the electoral repression laws as “racist”.

Scott, who served two terms as Republican governor in Florida and has increasingly become a pro-Trump MAGA acolyte and far-right Republican, sounds more like Donald Trump than Donald Trump in his statement.

“Dear Woke Corporate America,” he begins, “I hope you all enjoy your virtue mark. I hope you enjoy empowering one another and showing how woken you can be believing that you are more demanding and morally superior to the hard working people of this country. “

“You must have loved the awards your elite, left wing colleagues won the Georgia MLB All-Star Game. What a fun day for you on Twitter. Congratulations.”

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“You lie to Americans, lie to yourself, and lie to yourself. You know everything you said about the racist electoral reform in Georgia is a lie, ”writes Scott. “They know that Georgian law actually expands early voting and does nothing to suppress or restrict anyone’s right to vote. And yes, Georgia law requires ID to vote. Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball also to pick up tickets. “

He even attacks the President of the United States, Joe Biden. [who] shows you the way. He shows how to lie in public and get away with it. “

“There is a massive backlash. You will regret the day it hits you. That day is November 8, 2022. On that day, the Republicans will retake the Senate and the House. It’s going to be a reckoning day, ”says Scott.

“So cancel as many people as you can. Make as much money as possible doing slave labor in communist China. Keep telling your customers how racist, sexist, and unsophisticated they are. “

Scott is said to be a hopeful president for 2024.

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