Second episode of ‘Iowa Civil Rights Historical past’ podcast is on-line | Mason Metropolis & North Iowa

The next episode of the Iowa Civil Rights History podcast is out.

It’s the first in a two-part series starring Jeff Brinkley, the Mason City Police Chief.

Brinkley will discuss the lessons learned and possible solutions regarding the role of law enforcement following the George Floyd murder, COVID-19 and other events.

“If you want change, you have to be part of that change,” says Brinkley of how citizens can assist law enforcement.

The first episode takes a close look at the person behind the Law Enforcement Badge, the importance of community participation and how officials deal with stress and mental health issues.

The host of the podcast is Erick Nganyange from Mason City.

Nganyange is an immigrant from the East African country of Tanzania to the USA. A member of the Mason City Human Rights Commission, he serves in the finance department of MercyOne North Iowa.

The monthly podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and most other platforms, or by Googling the Iowa Civil Rights History Podcast.

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