‘Robust Proof’ Trump’s Insurrectionists Meant to ‘Assassinate Elected Officers’ Federal Prosecutors Cost

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) endorsed Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) report that insurgents were on a “scouting tour” with a member of Congress the day before the attack.

Rep. Sherrill filmed a 13-minute video on Facebook on Tuesday evening remembering the incident.

“I can confirm that,” Rep. Maloney told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace. “I don’t know firsthand, but I spoke to a member who saw it in person and he described it with some concern. Some of our new colleagues, of course the same ones who believe in conspiracy theories and want to carry guns into the chamber of the house, who today, today, yelled at and shoved the Capitol Police. Who risked their lives a week ago to save our lives. This behavior is more than pale and extends to part of that interaction with the people who attacked the Capitol. So the point is to make sure every member of Congress is now going through a metal detector, which has never happened before. It’s so important to the safety of the inauguration and to our operations. It is a sad reality that we are in a place where the enemy is inside and we cannot trust our own colleagues. “

“Well, I just want to dig myself into that fact. It’s so amazing. Is it a member or an employee who offered tours to the insurgents on Wednesday the day before the uprising? “Asked Wallace.

“Again, I don’t have all the details,” he said. “I understand that there was a member showing people around. And that was why, when the person who brought this story to me objected, the reply came, “Well, you are with a member of Congress.” So, this problem, right, if a member of Congress traditionally wanted to do it, it was supposed to be safe. That’s why I’m on the House Intelligence Committee. Nobody does a background check of me. I was elected by the people. I swear an oath on the secrets of our nation and most of American history. We could count on people to behave in a certain way. “

He stated that for the first time since the Civil War, Americans cannot be certain that a Congressional official will not attempt to bring a gun to inauguration and assassinate President-elect Joe Biden.

Wallace asked who the member was and Maloney refused to say but claimed he would “send it your way”.

See the interview below:

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