Republican Who Known as Rebellion a ‘Hoax’ Now ‘Regrets’ His ‘Insensitive’ Feedback – however Would not Deny His Declare (Video)

The best-elected Republican in the state of Michigan has been recorded calling the deadly January 6th uprising a “joke” and is now apologizing – without denying his untenable beliefs.

Michigan Senate majority leader Mike Shirkey told several fellow Republicans at a local restaurant that the uprising was “not a Trump people,” it was “a joke from day one,” and “everything was set up.”

“It was all staged,” he added, claiming that then Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell was somehow “part of it.”

Shirkey apologized Tuesday night after the story hit national headlines, but when Chad Livengood, editor-in-chief of Crain in Detroit, tweeted his “statement doesn’t say exactly what he’s apologizing for.”

“I said some things in a video interview that didn’t fit the role I’m privileged to play,” said Sen. Shirkey in his statement, as reported by TribLive. “That belongs to me. I have many shortcomings. Passionate paired with an occasional failure of tongue restraint are at least two of them. I regret the words I have chosen and apologize for my insensitive comments. “

His statement is not a retreat or a rejection of his belief that the uprising was a “joke”. It simply means that he was carried away and suffered from a “lack of restraint” due to his being “passionate.”

At no point in his apology does he say he doesn’t think the deadly riot was a joke.

The full video is over an hour long. Here is a video report from local Detroit station Fox 2:

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