Pushed by beliefs in Mormonism, democracy, civil rights

Blake Moore, a Republican, easily defeated Democrat Darren Parry in the US House of Representatives race in the 1st Congressional District of Utah on November 3 with 69.6 to 30.4 percent, replacing Rep. Rob Bishop, who was selected as a runner-up for an unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate in Republican elementary school.

40-year-old Moore, who is married to three boys, previously worked for a management consultancy and worked as a foreign officer for the US State Department, where he worked in Asia.

In an interview on December 1, he not only praised support for the US-Israel alliance, but also praised Israel’s values ​​such as supporting democracy and civil rights, including for LGBTQ people.

These democratic principles and his Mormon beliefs guide Moore’s support for the Jewish state.

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“There is much common interest” and “a unique relationship” between Latter-day Saint Church and the Jewish faith, although Moore said that all religions should have mutual respect for the “freedom and ability” of all to practice their beliefs . As an example, he noted that religions believe “in a higher power”.

Moore has never been to Israel but hopes to go as a member of Congress. He said his wife was there with her family on a religious trip before they got married.

He expressed support for US President Donald Trump’s pro-Israel policies, including the Abraham Accords.

Regarding the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, from which Trump resigned in May 2018 and which then imposed stricter sanctions on the regime as part of a “maximum pressure” campaign, Moore was a little opposed, despite saying he supported them Actions.

“Whether we are in a nuclear deal or not, we have to make sure that Iran complies with the agreements made and we have to have transparency with Iran,” he said. “I support a strong stance towards Iran.”

He expressed his openness to negotiations with Iran, but at the same time said: “We must take a strong stance on Iran. Otherwise too much is at stake. “

In addition, Moore expressed concern about the BDS movement against Israel, calling it “misguided”.

“I’ve always been discouraged by any kind of anti-Semitic movement or attitude that existed,” he said.

Moore’s party has shrunk the majority in the Democratic House in the last election. Freshmen from a variety of backgrounds, including a record number of Republican women elected to Congress.

“It’s a better reflection of what I believe our party is and that’s why I was really excited,” he said. “I believe it must, can, should be inclusive, ambitious or growth-enhancing.”

One of these diverse new members is Burgess Owens, also in Utah, who was elected from the 4th Congressional District. Moore said he got to know him well over the past few weeks and bonded with each other during their campaigns.

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