Psaki Brilliantly Colleges Reporter That Biden Touring on Air Pressure One Is Totally different From Individuals Flying Business

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Once again, she had to explain very basic concepts to a White House press pool reporter, and again that reporter happened to be CNN’s White House chief correspondent Kaitlan Collins.

Collins, a former reporter for Tucker Carlson’s right-wing Daily Caller website, commented on the news that President Biden will be making for the first time as President in the UK and the EU. She asked Psaki if “Given that he will be traveling internationally … whether it may be a time when everyday Americans are starting to resume this type of travel as well.”

Psaki replied generously, saying, “Well, I’d say I think most Americans would see it as something different from the President of the United States – I’m not suggesting you say anything else – but as the President of the United States diplomatic trip adhering to COVID protocols and flying with Air Force One as if it is safe for crowds to fly internationally. “

“Of course everyone wants this to open again. Europeans, Americans who would like to travel. But you know that these conversations are really between health and medical experts and they are [will] make an assessment based on what they believe is safe for the American public. “


Jen Psaki explains that there is a difference between Biden taking a diplomatic trip to Europe and Americans traveling there on a day-to-day basis.

– Aaron Rupar (Rupatrupar), April 23, 2021

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