Protestors in Idaho Deliver Their Children to Masks-Burnings Promoted by Far Proper Extremist Lawmakers

Two far-right Republican lawmakers in Idaho recorded a video promoting the burning of coronavirus masks, which subsequently took place across the state on Saturday, including on the steps of the state capital in Boise.

Despite what the two lawmakers have said, Republican Governor Brad Little has not instituted a nationwide mask mandate, stores are mostly open, and there are no stay-at-home orders, according to the New York Times.

The two GOP lawmakers are Rep. Dorothy Moon, whose husband is a member of the anti-government extremist group John Birch Society, and Rep. Heather Scott, who reportedly supports white nationalism and is a leader in a group known as the COWS, according to a report or the coalition of western states. Its founder was removed from the GOP caucus after a report stated that he was implicated in domestic terrorism.

In April 2020, “Scott compared Idaho Governor Brad Little (R) to Adolf Hitler for saying the stay-at-home order was akin to Nazi death camps during the coronavirus pandemic.”

In the video, lawmakers Moon and Scott say they “fully support” the mask burns.

“People will line up [at] Burn kegs to throw masks, mandates, or emergency orders or replications because I think everyone is ready to lift that emergency order, ”says Moon. “And now we’ve been in this COVID lockdown for almost a year and mandates and orders that it’s time to end the numbers aren’t there.”

Given that Idaho ranks 43rd on the per capita coronavirus test, it’s impossible to be precise, “The numbers aren’t there.”

Scott interferes to say the mask cremations will be “pretty fun,” and Moon adds that “50 cremation kegs will be set up around the state.”

Indeed, people came out to burn masks and brought their children with them. One speaker described Idaho residents as “political refugees,” apparently because they lived under mask requirements in Boise.

Approximately 150 people gathered on the steps of the Capitol in Boise, Idaho, to incinerate the mask.

– Sergio Olmos (@ MrOlmos) March 6, 2021

Oregon Public Broadcasting Reporter Sergio Olmos posted these photos and videos of mask burning in the Idaho capital. Police officers asked the anti-science extremists who promote the mask burns and involve their children in them to put out the fire.

Parents encourage their children to burn masks

– Sergio Olmos (@ MrOlmos) March 6, 2021

A child says: “Fire here, are you hungry? Here is another mask. “

A mask burning rally in Boise, Idaho

– Sergio Olmos (@ MrOlmos) March 6, 2021

Parents encouraging children to burn masks on the steps of the Idaho Capitol

– Sergio Olmos (@ MrOlmos) March 6, 2021

Idaho State Forces and Boise Police are urging organizers to put out the fire.

Protesters urge the police to leave.

– Sergio Olmos (@ MrOlmos) March 6, 2021

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