pronita gupta: Indian-American professional named particular assistant to President Biden for Labour and Employees

Washington: Indian-American Labor Expert Pronita Gupta has been named Special Assistant for Labor and Employees to US President Joe Biden’s Home Affairs Council.

Gupta, who has expertise in paid family and medical leave, equal pay and other labor standards in the workplace, is deeply committed to measures that improve the quality of work for workers, strengthen worker protection and increase economic security for working families low income, the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) said in a statement.

Gupta, a former Obama-era official at the US Department of Labor, was until recently director of the job quality team at CLASP.

“She is an exceptional leader who puts low-income people and people of color at the center of her work, combining passion and vision with deep, detailed, and practical knowledge. I cannot imagine anyone who could better serve President Biden and the nation.” in the further development of this crucial agenda, “said Olivia Golden, Managing Director of CLASP.

CLASP, based in Washington, DC, is a national, impartial, nonprofit, nonprofit solution that promotes poverty among low-income people.

In her nearly four years as CLASP Director of the Job Quality Team, Pronita has been a national and US leader, driving measures that improve the jobs of low-wage workers, play an important role on the Work Family Strategy Council and work with colleagues across the country, said Golden.

“At CLASP, she put together a hugely effective team that played a critical role in building state and national impetus for paid family and sick leave and paid sick leave, taking on everything from the details of funding and implementing effective programs to the comprehensive vision. Speeches, detailed technical assistance, and meaningful research reports and commentary, “said Golden.

During the Obama administration’s second term, Gupta served as Assistant Director of the Department of Labor’s Women’s Office from April 2014 to January 2017.

In this role, she worked to advance and improve standards, practices and opportunities for women in the workforce. Previously, she was Senior Director of Programs for the Women Donors Network (WDN) and Research Director for Asian Americans / Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy.

Gupta has extensive community and workforce organization experience. She was the director of research at SCOPE / AGENDA in Los Angeles, where she helped develop their campaign for healthcare jobs, and as director of research for the living wage campaign at the LA Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE).

In addition, Gupta was Executive Director of the Institute for Southern Studies and Legislative Director of the US Student Association. She has an MPA from Columbia University and a BA in Government from Clark University.

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