‘Professional-Life’ Texas Lawmaker and Pastor Information Invoice Making Abortion ‘Murder’ and Punishable by the Demise Penalty

A Texas Republican legislature’s bill would ban abortion, classify it as murder, and make abortion or performance of an abortion subject to the death penalty. The legislation also prohibits abortion once the egg is fertilized.

Representative Bryan Slaton, who is also a minister, has drafted legislation for rape or incest without exception, reports The Texas Tribune. Ectopic pregnancies, if they seriously threaten the life of the woman, “when a reasonable alternative to saving the life of both the mother and the unborn child is not available”, would be permissible.

“It is time for Texas to protect the natural right to life for the smallest and most innocent Texans, and this bill does just that,” said Slaton. “It’s time Republicans made it clear that abortion is indeed murder. … unborn children die faster than COVID patients in Texas, but Texas is not taking the abortion crisis seriously. “

The US Supreme Court ruled that abortion is legal until a fetus can survive outside the womb, which is usually considered 24 to 28 weeks. In Texas, abortion is legal for up to 20 weeks, according to the ACLU.

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Pro-Life Texas legislature and pastor submits bill making abortion “murder” and punishment by the death penalty. He first appeared in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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