Profession Army Officers ‘Shocked’ as Trump’s Pentagon Chief Bans Biden Transition Crew: Report

Emily Murphy, the Trump commissioner who has sole power to officially recognize President-elect Joe Biden as the 2020 election winner, is looking for a new job herself.

Murphy “appears to be looking for a new job after a message from ABC News,” reports the News Network.

She “recently sent this message to an employee inquiring about job opportunities in 2021, a move some in Washington have recognized as at least implicitly that the current administration will soon be gone.”

Emily Murphy heads the General Services Administration (GSA), a massive independent government agency with 12,000 employees and $ 21 billion. Under the law, it is their duty to “issue an investigation letter identifying the likely winner of the race,” reports CBS News.

Note that it is not your job to determine the winner, but rather the likely winner who was actually determined.

“Here is someone who refuses to sign the transition letter, but acts himself at the same time,” said US Representative Gerry Connolly (D-VA) to ABC News. “That is a de facto realization that there is in-depth administration, and it’s not Trump – it’s Biden.”

He says her move “exposes the hypocrisy” of the Trump administration.

By refusing to release the letter identifying Biden as the likely election winner, Murphy is blocking $ 6.3 million in federal funds allocated to support the transition. Their lack of action not only blocks funds, but also blocks the Biden transition team’s ability to meet and coordinate with the outgoing administration.

Experts say their actions will have serious national security implications and will hamper efforts to introduce coronavirus vaccines.

Image: DHS photo by Tara Molle via Flickr

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