Prime Voting Rights Legal professional Sounds Alarm on ‘Avalanche’ of GOP Voter Suppression Payments

Electoral attorney Marc Elias is asking Americans to be mindful of the laws that state lawmakers pass to make it harder for them to vote. He’s so desperate to get the US people to help that he’s downright begging.

“It’s just different this time,” he explained. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t any other problems in the world. I realize that there are other stories that need to be addressed. But I ask America and the media to pay attention to it. Right now we are facing an avalanche of voter suppression that we have not seen before. At least not since Jim Crow, state by state. “

The two discussed Iowa’s new voter suppression law, which came after there were no reports of electoral fraud in the state and officials had no problems conducting the elections.

It’s “not just Iowa, not just Georgia, it’s Montana, Missouri, Florida, Texas, the list goes on and on,” Elias explained. “Donald Trump told a big lie that led to an attack on democracy in the Capitol on January 6th. The attacks we are currently seeing in state capitals with lawmakers may be less deadly and less violent, but they are just as damaging to our democracy. “

See his request in the video below:

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