Priest Warns Catholic Bishops Parishioners Are Livid Church Is Selecting Trump Over Devoted Biden

Father Edward Beck spoke to CNN on Sunday to explain that the Catholic bishops’ idea of ​​punishing electoral Democrats has not been very well received by people who are for or against a woman’s right to vote.

“I had mass this morning, some even, and unsolicited, I cannot tell you how many people came up to me and were very upset about it,” said Father Beck. “I mean across the political spectrum. And basically what they were saying was that you had a former president who didn’t tick any of the “vital questions” boxes for the Catholic Church, other than saying he would appoint Supreme Court Justice to the Roe v. Calf could fall. And only that seemed to be important. “

He also recalled Trump’s photo op he took with the Bible after peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters in Lafayette Square were gassed with tears. He also recalled the times when Trump seemed to make fun of Pope Francis.

“And then you have Joe Biden, a practicing Catholic, who stands for election even though he says he is personally against abortion and people talk about refusing communion,” Father Beck continued. “Receiving communion – people really see it as hypocrisy. I can’t tell you, some said this was the last straw for them. If the bishops keep doing it, it will be for them. “

In an editorial, Father Beck characterized the blockade of communion as a weapon for something that is deeply personal and does not concern the priest. At the same time, there is general concern that the American bishops would support Trump, who was against all Christian beliefs except for the question of election.

“I think one of the questions is, are there any other litmus tests for communion?” Father Beck continued. “What about other life issues? What about the death penalty? What about immigration? What about the environment? So should we queue up in a commune with a checklist and should we decide who is entitled to receive, or is it just that one problem? “

He went on to say that the word “communion” itself meant “unity,” and said that the bishops had done nothing but divide people over politics in which the church should not play a role.

“To be fair, there is no document yet,” said the priest. “So it’s getting drafted now and we’ll see what it actually says in November. Perhaps there will be nothing about receiving communion from President Biden or anyone else. Perhaps it will be some kind of admonition about the Eucharist. We just don’t know. But remember that at this meeting, two-thirds must be exceeded to get the approval of the bishops. And then Pope Francis also has to agree. And this is a Pope who said that the Eucharist is not a price for the perfect. It is medicine and nourishment for the weak. So I don’t know if Pope Francis will approve a document that could exclude people from receiving communion because of these cultural hot-button issues. “

Biden has long spoken openly about his faith and how important it was through the many tragedies in his life. Most recently, Biden wore his deceased son’s rosary around his wrist. He also frequently flies home to attend church services in his home church, where his son, ex-wife, and young daughter are buried.

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