Political Rewind: New Memoir Of Civil Rights Chief C.T. Vivian Chronicles A Life ‘In The Motion’

Thursday on political feedback: It’s been almost a year since two of the country’s greatest civil rights activists died. One of them, Rep. John Lewis, was a man whose name was known all over the world. The other was CT Vivian, whose courage and leadership were key at crucial moments in the civil rights movement.

Vivian was among those who risked death on the Freedom Rides, and he worked closely with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in Birmingham, St. Augustine, and other cities across the country.

Now a new memoir tells the life of CT Vivian through many decades of activism. We spoke to the co-writer of It’s In The Action: Memories of a Nonviolent Warrior and Vivian’s son Al, who carried on the legacy of his father’s work.


Steve Fiffer – Co-author, It’s in Action: Memories of a Nonviolent Warrior

Kevin Riley – Editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Al Vivian – President and CEO of Basic Diversity, Inc.

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