People Scorch ‘Occasion of Fascism’ GOP for Killing Jan. 6 Fee

Many Americans are furious after the Senate Republicans killed a bipartisan bill shortly after noon on Friday that was passed by a strong bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives to set up a commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol , a violent and deadly riot instigated by then President Donald Trump.

The vote took place between 54 and 35, with nine Republicans and two Democrats failing to vote. Six Republicans joined the Democrats to vote for the commission, but with the filibuster threshold of 60 votes, the legislation failed.

11 senators who missed this January 6th commission procedural vote:
movie theater

– Frank Thorp V (@frankthorp), May 28, 2021

Well-known national security attorney Bradley Moss made a terrible prediction:

The Republicans only gave Trump the green light to start another uprising.

– Bradley P. Moss (@BradMossEsq) May 28, 2021

Former Chief of Staff to CIA Director Michael Hayden. Larry Pfeiffer is a national security veteran of over three decades:

46. ​​Let’s not forget the 11 without the balls in order to even appear for the vote.

– Larry Pfeiffer (@LarryPfeifferDC) May 28, 2021

Michelangelo Signorile, SiriusXM host of the Signorile Show, summed up what many say:

GOP is the party that stands up for the traitors who attacked the Capitol – and turns away the mother of a dead police officer.

The party of fascism blocking the 1/6 commission, with only 6 GOP senators joining.

This further defines the end of the filibuster.

– Michelangelo Signorile (@MSignorile) May 28, 2021

Indeed, many have linked the future of the 60-vote filibuster, a relic from the time of Jim Crow, to today’s immensely critical voting. Many believe that Democrats have given Republicans every opportunity to rule and play fair and feel they have failed that test.

It’s the filibuster or democracy.

– Beto O’Rourke (@BetoORourke) May 28, 2021

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) after Republicans blocked a January 6 vote on the commission:

“That vote made it official: Donald Trump’s big lie has now completely enveloped the Republican Party.”

– The recount (@therecount) May 28, 2021

Today is one of the most shameful days in the history of the United States Senate. That’s enough. The Republican Party has bowed to the turmoil again. And @JoeManchinWV has proven again that he can’t deliver 10 Republicans for his precious Jim Crow filibuster-loving bipartisanship.

– Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid ? (@JoyAnnReid) May 28, 2021

Finish the damn filibuster.

– Chris Curfman (@ mama_c2) May 28, 2021

The Senate Republicans blocked the 1/6 commission. You don’t want to be exposed as a co-conspirator. So much for “Blue Lives Matter”.

– Amy Lynn @ (@AmyAThatcher) May 28, 2021

It’s like the old saying goes, you lie with malicious, sociopathic dogs, you stand up with no voices to investigate the truth about riots.

(I’ve always thought it was a strangely specific saying until now.)

– Jay Black (@jayblackisfunny) May 28, 2021

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