People Demand Dems in Congress Present Identical ‘Preventing Spirit’ as Texas Democrats to Defend Voting Rights

On Sunday, just before midnight, the Texas Democrats surprisingly left the House of Representatives, stripped the Republicans of quorum and killed – at least temporarily – what experts called the most restrictive voter suppression law in the country with minutes before the end pass the legislative period.

This is how Texan Democratic MP James Talarico put it:

My Democratic colleagues and I have just left the Chamber of the House.

We broke the quorum to kill SB 7, the Texas Voter Suppression Act.

Good effort. Necessary problems. #txlege

– James Talarico (@jamestalarico) May 31, 2021

My colleagues and I did not make this decision lightly.

Breaking the quorum is only used for the most egregious abuse of power.

We can discuss issues, but we will not discuss democracy itself.

– James Talarico (@jamestalarico) May 31, 2021

GOP Governor Greg Abbott, who was expected to sign the bill, can still call the legislature back for a special session to pass the legislation if he so wishes, but for now the voter suppression bill is in the process of being aimed against democratic voters, dead.

Many who watched in the wee hours of the night cheered the bravery of the Texas House Democrats and demanded that lawmakers on Capitol Hill – who have the majority – use the courage and determination of the Texas Democrats to end the filibuster and HR1 / S1 and to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to protect and expand voting rights across the country.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, “at least 14 states have passed 22 new laws restricting access to voting” this year.

“Overall, the legislature introduced at least 389 restrictive bills in 48 states in the 2021 legislative sessions.”

Representative Talarico, currently the youngest Texan lawmaker at 32, was not shy about his remarks, calling on Congress to “get their shit together” to protect voters across the country:

State legislators hold the line.

Federal legislature needs to get its shit together and pass the For The People Act.

Cc: @JoeBiden @Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema

– James Talarico (@jamestalarico) May 31, 2021

So some are celebrating the Texas House Democrats and calling on the Democrats in the US House and Senate to take the courage to take whatever steps are necessary to protect Americans’ right to vote.

If the Texas House Democrats can get off the ground to kill the Voter Suppression Act, then the Senate Democrats can kill the filibuster to pass the HR1 & John Lewis Voting Rights Act

– Ari Berman (@AriBerman) May 31, 2021

Can we please spread the fighting spirit of the Texas Democrats?

Texas Democrats Stymie GOP Voting Bill, initially

– Michelangelo Signorile (@MSignorile), May 31, 2021

We can’t do anything until the Senate Democrats even make the effort to show up and vote. Schumer * MUST * do everything possible to bring his caucus into line.

– Dallas Gal @ (@dfw_gal) May 31, 2021

Many Thanks! You are held up to the National Dems for how to act if you really want to fight for your voters.

– Bonnie Vaxxed, but not Waxed (@BonnieLoueez) May 31, 2021

The US Senate Democrats can learn a thing or two from the Texas House Democrats !!!

– IR (@ irarun21) May 31, 2021

I’m sure it won’t last, but we, the people, will not forget the bravery of the Democrats yesterday. Thank you for demonstrating the integrity that many of us have longed for in our elected officials!

– Matthew Areno (@ArenoMatthew) May 31, 2021

The Texas Democrats displayed exactly the kind of struggle against voter suppression efforts that we are seeing across America.

Thank you Texas DEMs!

– BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) May 31, 2021

The Texas Democrats tonight showed their backbone and valor in battling a dangerous law designed to suppress voters. This is exactly the kind of #GoodTrouble this moment in history demands. #txlege #VoterSuppression

– Keri Thompson (@kerithompson) May 31, 2021

Many Thanks! You are held up to the National Dems for how to act if you really want to fight for your voters.

– Bonnie Vaxxed, but not Waxed (@BonnieLoueez) May 31, 2021


Texas Democrats go out and block passage from SB7, an anti-voter bill that the state’s GOP was about to pass tonight.

That is the energy we need.

– Nick Knudsen @ (@NickKnudsenUS) May 31, 2021

THANK YOU TEXAS DEMOCRATS! It is entirely up to the Democrats to protect democracy now.

– Susan (@LoveYourLifeHon) May 31, 2021

Thank you to the Texas Democrats for blocking this moronic voter suppression law and walking away like badasses. We need that in Congress. Bravo!

– Millenn American Millennial ♋ @ (@XanderXjork) May 31, 2021

You read my mind Now that the Texas 2021 legislature is over, the Texas Democrats should run for Congress and teach the Democrats there how to fight

– Saint Sean 🌹 (@saint_sean) May 31, 2021

They are judging us in Texas. We need federal help to protect our voting rights! The Texas House Democrats went out tonight to give us enough time for the US Congress to act. If you don’t let them, we’ll be doomed for generations! @SenatorSinema @Sen_JoeManchin #VoterSuppression

– Eisenhower is rolling in his grave! 😢 🌊4-EVER! 🇺🇸 (@ JRasputin2013) May 31, 2021

Send Texas Democrats to Congress! Maybe the stuff will actually finish!

Wake up, Schumer and Pelosi! The GOP is setting democracy on fire and you utter words but do NOTHING to stop them. This Dem did NOT vote for this!

– Wendy R. (@ WendyCR1872) May 31, 2021

Fuck yeah! Glad to see Democrats with a few damn balls. Hope this bravery infects the rest of the party.

– The Jackal (@ ElChaca48114808) May 31, 2021

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