Outrage and Mockery Goal Writer Who Simply Gave Kellyanne Conway a E-book Deal

Simon & Schuster gave Kellyanne Conway A book deal, the assistant editor of the New York Times Book Review reports, and people inside and outside the company are angry. The 97-year-old global publisher recently also handed over the former vice president Mike Pence a multi-book deal with a multi-million dollar advance payment after a two million dollar advance was paid to former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton on his book. Simon & Schuster also gave Missouri far-right Senator Josh Hawley a book deal, but canceled it after starring in the January 6 uprising.

The Times reported that Simon & Schuster employees were furious after their bosses gave Pence his main contract and “a large part of the staff broke out in protest”. On Monday, “more than 200 employees and 3,500 outside supporters, including authors from Simon & Schuster” signed a petition calling on the company to end the pence book deal.

That was before news broke of Kellyanne Conway, the former Trump campaign manager who brought him to the White House and then became a senior counselor to the president and one of his closest advisors. During the Trump era, many opponents of the administration called her “Minister of Propaganda”.

And now many are outraged that another Trump administration official is making money working for a president some – including at least one member of his administration – say is responsible for hundreds of thousands of coronavirus deaths.

Here’s how people are reacting to Simon & Schuster handing Conway an important book deal.

There must be consequences @simonschuster

– Bharat Krishnan (ha bharatkrishnan9), April 28, 2021

Please do not combine the publication of Trump politicians with a great defense of free speech. Simon & Schuster decided to release Kellyanne Conway and Pence and whoever for the money. It’s a shitty business decision. That’s it.

– Roxane Gay (@rgay) April 28, 2021

What is Kellyanne Conway’s book called? “I survived the Bowling Green massacre”? https://t.co/bVdBUTlReu

– Mark Jacob (@ MarkJacob16) April 28, 2021

How I sold my soul from Kellyanne Conway to Satan just isn’t high on my summer reading list. https://t.co/lBoz1ZNHra

– Jane’s World … or otherwise😎 (@ janes_world2) April 28, 2021

Kellyanne Conway’s main job was to lie to the American public, and now it seems that S&S is committed to amplifying their voice. https://t.co/UgvdCaJVxE

– Maris Kreizman (@mariskreizman) April 28, 2021

Society when Simon & Schuster stops publishing books by lying racists and bigots like Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pence pic.twitter.com/cvD2gD4Kyk

– Exploding Space Pillow Singh, MD @ (@labyrinthweaver) April 28, 2021

Is Kellyanne Conway’s book called ‘Alternative Facts. https://t.co/6I5y94816I

– Connie Dent (@ ConnieDent5) April 28, 2021

. @ simonschuster publishes books by Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway – puts their employees in a morally untenable position and betrays their readers by reinforcing lying bigots. https://t.co/zYkNGbam9R

– Millennial Democrats (@Millennial_Dems) April 28, 2021

Simon & Schuster think it’s important to publish a book by KellyAnne Conway, a woman who helped Trump ease his lies, which resulted in over 556,000 Americans dying.

– Miss Adorable (@ImMissAdorable) April 28, 2021

Simon and Schuster publish books by Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway. The working titles are:

Mother, can I become a VP?


Even my daughter hates me: the Kellyanne Conway story

– Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine (@BleedingMarine) April 28, 2021

The lawyers and editors will have quite a while to review Kellyanne Conway’s book. You might as well publish it under fiction. https://t.co/VEeUdh6GVk

– ((((Mitch Gross))) (@Mitch_Gross) April 28, 2021

So, Simon & Schuster also go into the business of lies, right?

The only people who will buy Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence, and William Barr books are the very people who need to probe the words in order to pronounce them properly. It seems to be a lot-to-lot here.

– KT (@ sloyoroll01973), April 28, 2021

Kellyanne Conway has a new book by Simon & Schuster.

Ironically, their publishers include the letters SS!

– Brian O’Sullivan (@osullivanauthor) April 28, 2021

“Pride and Prejudice and More Prejudice”

– Jay Black (@jayblackisfunny) April 28, 2021

White pride and prejudice

– 🥎 and 🌮 (@AtxDem) April 28, 2021

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