‘Out-and-Out Communists’: Fox & Associates Host Has a Match Over Joe Biden’s ‘Centrist’ Label

Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy called the Democratic Party “outright communists” on Sunday after the New York Times found President-elect Joe Biden selected a “centrist” cabinet to run his administration.

Campos-Duffy started the segment by defending President Donald Trump’s delay in signing a bill that provides money to keep the government going and help with COVID-19 relief.

“Nothing good happens to bills when faced with deadlines like this,” she said. “You say if you want your measly $ 600 worth of crumbs, you have to pass all of these other projects of special interest that Nancy Pelosi loves. All these stupid foreign policy programs that deal with gender, you know, relief and all these other things that are in there. “

According to Duffy, “most common sense Americans” are on Trump’s side.

Will Cain, co-host of Fox News, caught up with the New York Times, which published a report claiming that Biden was “lean-centered” with his cabinet elections and governance philosophy.

“Our political future, the future of our country will not look like it did 10, 15, 20 years ago,” he emphasized. “It won’t work just to go back to 2010 Joe Biden and Paul Ryan’s or Mitt Romney’s Republican Party in 2012 and call things centrist. It just won’t exist in 2022, 2021. “

“Business as usual is over,” said Cain. “Donald Trump messed up this idea. Joe Biden won’t, can’t be who he was – what it was – six years ago, eight years ago. We are now on our way to a new America. “

Campos-Duffy argued that the Times failed to see “how much the Democrat [sic] The party has changed. “

“There is a very powerful and growing wing of radicals,” she said. “I would challenge you to say that they are not even socialists, many of them are outspoken communists on the left.”

“There’s a reason he picked Senator Kamala Harris to be his fellow campaigner because she is actually the Democrats’ most left-wing senator,” added Campos-Duffy. “It was clearly necessary to build a bridge to this radical left side.”

Check out the video below from Fox News.

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