OR educator Spratling awarded Civil Rights/Liberties instructing award

John Spratling, a social science teacher and coach and an active member of NAACP’s Oak Ridge-Anderson County branch, was recently awarded the Civil Rights / Freedoms Award: Excellence in Teaching Sponsored by Nystrom Education’s Social Studies School Service. a subsidiary of Social Studies School Service.

The Tennessee Council for President of Social Studies Josh Kenna gave the presentation. Spratling received a badge and a check for $ 250. Sponsoring publisher, Social Studies School Service, develops both core and supplemental curricula that aim to develop students’ ability to think critically and ask good questions. The company is a national leader in social science education and sponsors civil rights awards for teachers in many states.

Spratling was honored as someone who inspires students to take informed action when they see injustices and to be responsible and contribute members to our democracy. Spratling is also recognized for the award by the Tennessee Council for the Social Studies. His photo is published on the website https://www.tnsocialstudies.org/awards.

Kirk Renegar, principal of Robertsville Middle School, said, “Mr. Spratling has worked to “… inspire students to be fully informed about their civil rights and freedoms and to take informed action.”

He added, “As you all know, Mr. Spratling was the tip of the spear when it comes to making the historic work of the Scarboro 85 (well known). He has selflessly given his time and energy to make sure her story is told and not forgotten. ”

David Weiner, CEO of the Social Studies School Service, said, “The Social Studies School Service (Nystrom Education) is honored to sponsor the Tennessee Council for the Social Studies (TCSS) Award for Excellence in Civil Rights Education. Mr. Spratling is a very deserved recipient. Since our company was founded out of the civil rights movement and our mission is to develop students into active citizens through our curriculum, it is important to us to recognize the efforts of excellent teaching on civil liberties. We thank the TCSS for their partnership and leadership in this award. “

Not only is Spratling an excellent teacher and coach, Spratling is also committed to developing coursework on the history of Oak Ridge 85, a group of brave and intrepid African American students who lived and theirs in the Scarboro community in Oak Ridge Separation gave up Oak Ridge High School in 1955.

Since Oak Ridge was a government town, “The Secret City,” its history was not as well known as other later repeal efforts, “Spratling said at a recent monthly NAACP meeting.

The curriculum he developed is now shared with teachers in Oak Ridge Schools and beyond.

“It’s a state and national story,” he added.

Spratling is part of the education committee of the local NAACP branch and is committed to creating excellent educational opportunities for all. Other notable activities this professional educator was involved in included his role in setting up the first ORHS / NAACP ACT Prep at the Scarboro Community Center in 2019 for Oak Ridge middle and high school students. Many students have appreciated this opportunity to excel.

His vision is broad. Spratling looks forward as he looks back in history, working to save the previously unwritten story of the lives and efforts of the people in the Scarboro community as inspiration for the future. A collection of photos, letters and other important historical objects has been exhibited since 2011 on the east wall of the high school in the exhibition “The Memorabilia Wall” in the Scarboro Community Center. This exhibition was his vision “a long time ago” in 2008 and of course it came true with the help of many individuals, some of whom are also active members of the NAACP.

Spratling also believes in people who work and play together. He also envisioned a community-wide gathering now known as the hugely successful and growing (excluding COVID-19 restrictions last year) annual Scarboro Community Share Day. These efforts have been strong for 20 years now. And yes, he’s also vice president of the Scarboro Community Alumni Association (SCAA). As such, he was one of the proponents of the recent renaming of the beautiful new Oak Ridge Preschool in honor of longtime community educators.

Spratling earned a Bachelor of Art in 1993 and a Master of Education in 1995 from East Tennessee State University. He attended ETSU on a football scholarship (1989-1993) when he ran back for the Buccaneers and graduated with honors. He is married to Vanessa and the couple have two children, Trejon and Imani.

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